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Madjaz replied to topic SLEEP???How many hours do you get?

somewhere between 5-7hrs a night. I never wake up feeling refreshed....miss my sleep but its amazing how you get used to having so little & how you can still function lol

Monday 15 February 01:25am

Madjaz replied to topic What are YOUR childrens names?

BOYS NAMES Joshua Noah Keith Kai Mitchell Kyan Nicholas (pronouced like Ryan but with a K) Dylan Jack Oliver Paul Logan Mark Tyler Malakai Declan Charles Noah Rhiley Owen Charlie Alex James Lachlan...

Tuesday 12 January 12:26am

Madjaz replied to topic New playcentre in kelmscott

Hey I saw an employment advert for that playcentre in last weeks local paper. Its called "Active-ATE Indoor Play Centre" I cant wait till it opens, weve needed a playcentre down this way for a LON...

Saturday 19 December 10:35pm

Madjaz replied to topic for those with dishwashers.....

Ours is a whirlpool & about 6mths old. Normal cycle is 2.5hrs long & the heavy duty cycle is bit shorter at 2hrs + 10mins??? Strange huh? It does have economy cycle that is 1.5hrs long but I find...

Sunday 08 November 08:43pm

Madjaz replied to topic Spices - what do you have?

We have HEAPS (drawer full) because DP is 1/2 mauritian & loves spices/spicy foods. From top of my head the drawer contains: Cumin powder & seeds Tumeric Paprika Curry powder (about 6 different ty...

Saturday 07 November 05:27pm

Madjaz replied to topic Fat or Skinny - White or Brown???

Wholemeal bread & full cream milk

Friday 06 November 04:39pm

Madjaz replied to topic How much milk does your family...

We go through between 10-12 litres per week. My girls love their milk!

Friday 30 October 09:52pm

Madjaz replied to topic Mum's in the labour room??

Yep I had my mum with me & DP when we had our first DD (the first grandchild too) mum was a great support & very encouraging. I had her on one side & DP on the other side of me when it was time to ...

Friday 30 October 09:47pm

Madjaz replied to topic Just whipped this up....wanna see? **Update**

Looks beautiful! Whats the cake inside? Wish I could be that creative

Saturday 24 October 09:37pm

Madjaz replied to topic need suggestions on how to stop DD opening doors.

Yep those door knob covers are great! Even some adults cant open them lol

Thursday 01 October 03:05pm

Madjaz replied to topic What do you think of this boys name?

I like it, my nephew is Kayden. Yes its spelt with the Y but IMO its not girly at all. Good luck deciding!

Thursday 01 October 02:52pm

Madjaz replied to topic Coke?

I feel its ok to have a glass or two, I did while preggie & that was a feat for me as Im addicted to the stuff lol. I believe things in moderation are fine, it beats smoking or drinking while pregn...

Saturday 29 August 02:22pm

Madjaz replied to topic Girls names are narrowed down - please help me choose!!

I like Marie as the middle name for both

Friday 28 August 06:27pm

Madjaz replied to topic Look what I bought my boys today

Cool! Bet the kids will have heaps of fun on it. Can I ask where you got it from & the price? Im looking for one for my DD's 2nd birthday & have no idea where to go get one [Edited on 27/08/2009]

Friday 28 August 06:24pm

Madjaz started new topic wiggles show

its at the burswood dome

Wednesday 19 August 09:45pm

Madjaz replied to topic Following on....

Just bought our first house last month so- Me= 28 yrs & DP= 32 yrs

Sunday 19 July 02:53pm

Madjaz replied to topic Family Daycare vs Daycare Centers

I prefer family daycare. My eldest DD (4yrs old) has been put in both a day care centre & family daycare & I feel much more comfortable with FDC. Bonus too is that its not as expensive as day care ...

Sunday 10 May 07:25pm

Madjaz replied to topic Time out

Personally I wouldnt do time out for a child less than 2yrs old. IMO they are too young to understand the concept & knowing my 18mth old DD, if I did put her in a spot for the purpose of time out s...

Sunday 10 May 06:34pm

Madjaz replied to topic when do i start? please help me..

From my own experience, the sooner the better really. Its been a massive struggle with my eldest DD since about 2yrs old but now finally at 4yrs old she is letting me brush them without a fight. Sh...

Sunday 10 May 06:25pm

Madjaz replied to topic When did your Child start walking?

DD1 started at 12mths 1 week old DD2 was much earlier, she started at 9mths

Thursday 19 March 06:16pm
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