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mumshona replied to topic Obsessed - 3yo not yet TT,and doing my head in

Hey Robyn I am so hearing you. My daugther is 3 in may. I have been able to get her to wee on the toilet three times over the past months so you would think all would be good but nope. She seems...

Saturday 28 February 07:30pm

mumshona replied to topic My toilet training experience - the first 3 weeks

Thanks for this, I decided today was the start of Toilet training with no luck and lots of accidents all day. Your post gives me hope that it will still happen. If she could just tell me before in...

Sunday 16 November 06:58pm

mumshona started new topic There just baby teeth

The other day was a very scary time for me. My beautiful 21mth daugther was running down the hallway fell over. I picked her up as she was crying, then the blood came so much. The look of fear i...

Sunday 17 February 11:32am

mumshona replied to topic Arm pimples??!!

I grew up with pimple type things on my arms and was always told it was due to my currculation. I have since been told at 31 that its a form of eczema (sorry if spelling wrong). Anyway daughter h...

Sunday 17 February 10:20am

mumshona replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

Hi all I dont know if you remember me as it has been a long time since I last posted. I have a daugther Jordan born 16th may. Firstly congrats to all the expecting mums very exciting for you all....

Saturday 12 January 08:27pm

mumshona replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

Just had to post as it has been an interesting couple of weeks. Jordan has just got 4 molars and 2 eye teeth come through with 2 more eye teeth on the way. She is starting to say more words now a...

Thursday 05 July 05:48pm

mumshona started new topic chubby 12mth old bubs. Do you have one?

At 12mths my DD weighed about 14kgs and 81cms tall. She is not a huge eater and she has always been on the bigger size. Its just the more I read on here the bigger she seems. I am not worried ab...

Wednesday 27 June 09:05am

mumshona replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

lol what shocking typing. It should be lots of walking and her site. hehehe

Wednesday 27 June 08:06am

mumshona replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

shavarn and mummy76 your bubs just keep getting cuter. Its lovely to see them growing. Jordan is going well looks of walking and talking. Lots of fun. here site is:

Wednesday 27 June 08:05am

mumshona replied to topic redlands mummies in brisbane

Hi all, I am at mount cotton which is very close. How many children do you both have and what ages. I have a 13mth old daughter. Shona

Tuesday 19 June 05:39am

mumshona replied to topic MAY 2006 BABIES????

Hi all, Its been a long time sorry I just stopped getting the emails and didnt realise my old shortcut was the wrong one. So I kept seeing that the site was having problems and being fixed....

Monday 18 June 07:12am

mumshona replied to topic Any Marriage Celebrants out there?

Hi georgies_mumma, I am not a celebrant but my mother is and has been for a good few years now. She performs weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals. She is also very involved in the Australian...

Wednesday 14 February 02:21pm

mumshona started new topic what vegi mixes?

My DD has so far tried pumpkin, potato, sweet potato and had a mix of sweet potato and cauliflower. Just wondering if anyone has any mixes there bubs loved that introduce new vegies but mixing wit...

Thursday 26 October 05:24pm

mumshona started new topic 5mnths old 10kgs are then any others out there?

My DD was just recently weighed and clocked in at 10kg and 67cm long. Her dr, the midwifes and hubby and I are happy with how she is going but whenever I tell anyone they gasp. I am just wonderin...

Wednesday 25 October 04:51pm

mumshona started new topic teething eye teeth (cuspids) first

My nearly 5 month old daughter is teething last week I saw a white dot where a one of her top front teeth will be but has since disappeared. It now appears that her eye teeth are coming down. I w...

Thursday 12 October 04:15pm

mumshona started new topic rice cereal - best way to feed?

I will soon be starting solids with my DD and I am wondering what peoples tried and tested ways are? Meaning did you mix it will formula, pureed fruit, served warm/cold? I know all babies are dif...

Monday 11 September 02:08pm

mumshona started new topic Dribble rash - what is the best cream?

I have a 4 month old DD that suffers from dribble rash and dryness under her nose. I have tried a few creams they seemed good at first but then seem to stop working, or its just getting worse and ...

Sunday 10 September 03:09pm

mumshona started new topic Redland Bay Area

My name is Shona, I am 30yrs old and I have a 3mth old daughter named Jordan. I moved from NSW to Mount Cotton about 6 weeks before she was born. I only know my family here and I am just looking ...

Friday 18 August 02:54pm

mumshona replied to topic Back Pack Nappy Bag

Hi Aprilsmum, I brought a kapoochi bag. Its a large shoulder bag but it also has a zip off back pack. The back pack is big enough for a couple of nappies, wipes, cream, bib an...

Friday 18 August 11:51am

mumshona started new topic stork marks

My dd has stork marks on her forehead, eyelids and back of her neck. From everything I have read it sounds quite common but I am yet to see another baby with them. The paed said they would fade a...

Monday 14 August 08:09am
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