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scorpion replied to topic boys bits

I have used Bepanthen for nappy ras and also on that part of the body.

Tuesday 15 January 06:15pm

scorpion replied to topic Craving tuna. Is it a food i should be avoiding?????

Tuna is ok as long as it is bluefin, yellowfin tuna is the one to avoid due to it's higher Mercury content, some types of fish are to be avoided also due to mercury however I cant remember what the...

Tuesday 17 July 06:42am

scorpion replied to topic Toddlers and funerals?

Hello, my Father in Law passed away about a month ago and I took my son both to the viewing and to the funeral however he is nearly four so I could speak to him about what was going on. I also thou...

Monday 09 July 08:00am

scorpion replied to topic mil does it again !

Although I appreciate all the replies I didn't know it was going to upset so many, true my son is too young to understand those things but I just thought she should have made herself decent. It is...

Saturday 19 May 04:41pm

scorpion started new topic inspirational songs

Is there a particular song that makes you cry? or perhaps one that makes you feel inspired or has changed your life? One that I find inspiring is "The Reason" I think it is a nickelback song.

Friday 20 April 04:55pm

scorpion replied to topic I Need Motivation!!!! Please Help Me!!!!

Drink heaps of water, my diet recomends 2 litres a day but most days I only have 1 litre, take advantage of nice days and go for a walk, take the dog if you have one, I put my 3 year old son in a p...

Friday 20 April 04:31pm

scorpion started new topic how long before going to the doctor

My cycle is regular every 28 -29 days. my son is nearly 4 and I really want another child. We have been trying for about a year, however we don't use birth control so in 4 yrs something should hav...

Friday 20 April 04:02pm

scorpion started new topic mil does it again !

This time it wasen't something annoying it was something that I found discusting! I got her to babysit my son for about an hour in the morning as I had an appointment, when I arrived she was still...

Thursday 29 March 08:40am

scorpion started new topic water

My 3 yo drinks lots of water which is great and he also drinks fruit juice. Adults are soposed to have about a litre a day but how much are kids suposed to have?

Thursday 29 March 08:29am

scorpion started new topic 40th birthday

Hello I'm trying to organise a surprise 40th birthday for my sister in law, the only thing is my brother in law in boring and wants to do it at a restaurant...and a crappy one at that! I was hopi...

Wednesday 14 March 09:32am

scorpion started new topic MIL obsessed with my son

I know most of us have had a winge about the MIL. But a lot of times her behaviour toward him I think is borderline obsession. She treats her kids different and although she won't admit it she has ...

Monday 22 January 09:20am

scorpion started new topic weight loss before ttc?

Hello, It hasen't happened yet after nearly a year of trying so I have started a diet to try and lose the 10kilos I kept from my first pregnancy. Thought that if I eat a bit better and my body is ...

Monday 22 January 09:02am

scorpion started new topic tony fergusson diet

Hello, Tommorow I'm starting the Tony Fergusson diet! I've never been on a diet in my life but 3 years is too long to carry around the baby fat. So just wanting to know if anyone has tri...

Tuesday 16 January 02:05pm

scorpion started new topic discount shopping in Melb?

Hello, I posted a similar topic a while ago but got very few responses so I thought I would try it again here in the Melb section. So what I would like to know is any suggestions of where some dis...

Wednesday 10 January 06:30pm

scorpion replied to topic Eczema in babies and toddlers

Hello not sure why but there is some correlation (sp) between the asthma and eczema. 3 kids I know of that have eczma also have asthma. My son has mild asthma which usually comes with a cold or ea...

Wednesday 22 November 10:22am

scorpion started new topic WORMS ???

Iv'e read some stuff on here about worms..should kids have worm treatment such as pills? I don't know much about the subject but when I commented to MIL that my son has a bad habbit of picking his...

Wednesday 22 November 10:00am

scorpion started new topic spay on tan

Has anyone used any spray on tan or tanning creme products? What was the result?

Friday 03 November 11:52am

scorpion started new topic neighbours

I don't like the new characters and I think the show is getting a bit stupid / boring. I wonder what will happen to Carmella's face?

Wednesday 01 November 05:59pm

scorpion started new topic from bath to shower

I want to start giving my son showers as I find the time he spends in the bath is very time consuming. By time you put the water in it, then after the washing of his hair he wants to swim around a...

Wednesday 01 November 09:05am

scorpion started new topic Halloween

We don't celebrate it here but so many shops/stores have Halloween sales or sell masks/costumes for kids. Coles are even selling trick/treat bags! I have some lollies in my cupboard in case I get...

Tuesday 31 October 05:06pm
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