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elisa7 started new topic head lice and pregancy

I got a question - i just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant. YAY....however 2 weeks ago i used kp24 the head lice treatment on myself, as my daughter picked up lice from school so i thought i would ...

Tuesday 15 June 06:15am

elisa7 replied to topic placenta tear

well as it goes, i miscarriaged valentines day! How ironic. My waters broke a few days before. And unfortunately there is nothing more. Baby was still alive the night before, but obviously woul...

Wednesday 27 February 07:46am

elisa7 started new topic placenta tear

Hi Everyone Im 18 weeks pregnant. Had some blood on monday when i went to toilet. Then was ok. No pain. Saw OB, said could be a placenta tear, baby's heart beating great. For the following day...

Sunday 10 February 12:36pm

elisa7 replied to topic anyone used TENS

thanks - everything is going well only 7 weeks to go. Thanks for the info. We have booked ourselves in for a bit of a run down on this TENS machine. It can't hurt right? I'll let you know how i...

Tuesday 10 February 02:56pm

elisa7 started new topic anyone used TENS

Hi there, My husband and i recently attended the labour and childbirth class - where they mentioned the TENS machine. Has anyone heard any real stories from women who have used it? I am not too k...

Monday 09 February 09:13am
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