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jo79 replied to topic Do you get any help

Yes I am where you are in doing everything. Just after Jayden was born we put DH out in his own business. While the money is fantastic and it means I don't need to work (which is what I want whil...

Wednesday 11 April 02:06pm

jo79 replied to topic Late talkers

Hi I don't think I would worry either. Ryan at 18mths didn't say many words either but he could follow instructions and communicate everything he wanted (mainly with pointing). I found Ryan's ta...

Tuesday 10 April 06:44am

jo79 replied to topic daysleep...

There is no wrong or right answer. I have heard some kids easily dropping a day nap at 18mths yet others keep it till they are 4 (I personally wish both my kids needed a day nap till 4 ) Ryan dro...

Thursday 29 March 02:56pm

jo79 replied to topic 3 yo night time toileting help please

Just sharing something I read the other day. It said that no amount of sticker charts, withholding fluids before bed etc will help in nighttime TTing. 'Apparently' it all has to do with the mes...

Sunday 18 March 08:11pm

jo79 replied to topic gymbaroo- thinking about starting my son

HI My boys do the sibling class so they get to do it together and it runs for 45mins. They have a ball at it as its lots of climbing, running, singing, dancing, jumping ... all the stuff energe...

Saturday 17 March 05:21pm

jo79 replied to topic Day sleep - When did your child stop?

Ryan was about 22mths old when he could easily survive without a day nap. Jo

Sunday 11 March 08:09pm

jo79 replied to topic Vitamins - Do or Don't???

Yes had a similar prob with RYan. NOt all kids got thru the fussy stage but Ryan was one of the kids who did. I started him on a multivitamin a day at around two cause I was concerned about the nu...

Sunday 11 March 08:04pm

jo79 replied to topic Anyone else's toddler seen "GHOSTS"

I suppose its all what you believe in. I have heard a similar story. A friend's 3yr old nephew was at a cemetry with his parents and he was talking to noone. He then started telling his mum about...

Friday 09 March 11:47am

jo79 replied to topic just wanted to share something

Thats great! You know what she may just not have a night accident at all though. WHen Ryan started night training every night I was waiting for him to wake wet expecting an accident eventually but...

Friday 09 March 11:39am

jo79 started new topic How long being 'soft' after a trauma

Hi Ryan was a brillant sleeper until about 21mths old until we allowed bad habits to creep in. We had just gotten him back to good sleeping habits again over the last couple of mths thru a lot of ...

Friday 09 March 11:36am

jo79 started new topic Growing Pains?

Does anyone know if 2yr olds can experience growing pains. The last couple of nights Ryan's been waking really upset saying his knees or legs hurt and some panadol is the only thing that sends hi...

Wednesday 28 February 05:18pm

jo79 replied to topic Eating crayons - when do the stop?

Ha ha, can totally relate with it sending you crazy. Ryan didnt' stop eating crayons till after two. I would sit with him and keep telling him 'not in your mouth' until one day it seemed to click...

Wednesday 28 February 05:13pm

jo79 replied to topic clothes for slim toddler

Hi I was JUST complaining to my friend about this same problem. Both mine are long and skinny so I have a horrible time with getting them pants for winter. SUmmer's not too bad cause I buy them t...

Tuesday 27 February 01:44pm

jo79 replied to topic Looking after baby while pregnant

I have always said I found it harder being pregnant and looking after a baby than having my two out here with me. As your oldest is still quite young my only advise is to make the most of the ti...

Sunday 25 February 07:08pm

jo79 replied to topic should i feel guilty?????????????

Absolutely NO! Congrats on being a strong enough person to walk away from an abusive relationship!!! I know someone in your position and while I have told her once she needs to leave for her kids...

Sunday 25 February 06:46pm

jo79 started new topic Sam or Laurie Swim School?

My boys were both in swim schools from 12wks of age till Oct 06. While they both loved it I found over a 3mth period btw Aug and Oct 06 both were getting constant ear infections and sick. I withdr...

Sunday 25 February 06:34pm

jo79 started new topic Les Mills Instructors???

Just wondering if there are any other mums out there who teach the Les Mills programs?? I love and dread this time of year when it is time to learn all the new choreo. I love the challenge of lea...

Sunday 25 February 03:44pm

jo79 replied to topic Transfer poo from nappy to potty

Hi ONe of my books suggests transferring the poo from the nappy to the potty and then getting them to sit on the potty and then show them the poo in the potty ... kind of like a chicken nesting on...

Thursday 22 February 01:01pm

jo79 replied to topic Does he sleep too much

hI Ryan slept about that much at that age and I also remember wondering if it was too much sleep but as the others said enjoy it while it lasts cause it doesn't last forever. Actually I have sti...

Thursday 15 February 10:23am

jo79 replied to topic Saving Money and Budgeting

Firstly write a list of all the expenses you HAVE to pay eg mortage, electricity, phone, insurances, petrol, regos, loans etc and the amount they are. Work out how much you need to put aside a week...

Tuesday 13 February 06:03pm
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