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shelly-89 replied to topic Heating Bottles

I rang Avent about this same thing and they say it is ok to heat bottles in the microwave after all they sell a microwave steriliser. They stressed to test the water always in case of hot spots. ...

Monday 01 March 03:48pm

shelly-89 replied to topic Avent formula dispenser

I have had no problems putting this in the microwave to sterilise

Monday 01 March 03:45pm

shelly-89 replied to topic She hates the bath!

My 12 week old daughter was exactly the same. I tried everything and finally found that feeding her before the bath was the answer. She was much more relaxed and even let me give her a massage af...

Monday 01 March 03:37pm

shelly-89 replied to topic Tummy Sleeping

I also had this problem when my daughter was 6-8 weeks old. After speaking to a clinic nurse I was told that it is not the fact that young babies suffocate while tummy sleeping but they overheat. ...

Saturday 28 February 02:39pm
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