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selricha replied to topic sleep routine

Hi My little girl is also 4 1/2 months and he sleep patterns are currently 3 sleeps during the day. 9 - 10 am 1 - 2.30pm 5:30 - 6pm And then generally down at about 8pm for the night until 6am. S...

Friday 16 May 10:00am

selricha started new topic How long did you use the swaddling wraps for?

I was just wondering how long everyone else used the swaddling wraps for? I am currently using the "Swaddleme" brand of wrap, I know that there are a few brands out there. My daughter is now is now...

Friday 16 May 09:46am

selricha replied to topic 2nd time round success?

I just wanted to say thanks to for posting this question. I too am pregnant with my second baby (due 6-1-08) and have thought alot about it!! Thanks for all the positives.

Saturday 15 September 09:23am

selricha replied to topic childcare/daycare campbelltown area

Hi Soo 07 My son who is close to three attends New Generation Child Care Centre, which is in Swettenham Rd Minto (St Andrews) it is behind the Pizza Hut on Campbelltown Rd. It is a really friendly...

Thursday 30 August 08:49am

selricha replied to topic Childrens shoes

My son now close to three also had chubby feet. I find that Clarks are the only ones with larger width shoes. Is it the style that grabs you? Yes it does have to look alright as well as comfort. C...

Friday 10 August 09:18am

selricha replied to topic Car booster seats

I too have purchased a Maxi Rider car seat like many of the other posted replies. I was contemplating buying a booster seat for my son (about 2 years at the time) for our second car thinking that i...

Friday 10 August 09:07am

selricha replied to topic stuttering

My son will three in October.... so pretty much the same age. I find that he too stutters but it's mainly when he is trying to talk to fast for the words to come out. His speak is brilliant for his...

Friday 10 August 08:51am

selricha replied to topic when?

Well I can honestly say 10 months is way to young to even think about it. My son is now 17 months old and he has only recently realised that he has even done a poo or wee. Also you will go to cha...

Friday 07 April 08:52am

selricha replied to topic how much milk for 15 mth old??

Well my son is 15 months too (28/10/04) Well my son actually seems to have more milk than yours does. He has milk with breakfast (200ml) however about 50ml goes on the wheet bix. Then he has 200ml...

Thursday 23 February 11:08am

selricha started new topic Does your baby have nightmares too??

Hi there!! I was just wondering if anyone else has a baby that seems to have nightmares?? My son Mitchell is now 4 1/2 months old and he seems to have nightmares in his sleep?? (Been happening si...

Friday 18 March 04:06pm

selricha replied to topic due in october "04" mums to be buddies

Hi Everyone I am due 26th Oct 2004........ about 6.5 weeks to go now!! This is my first baby......... almost ready now......... just waiting in anticipation now!! We are having a little boy!!! B...

Saturday 11 September 09:15am
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