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mandii79 replied to topic heartburn?

Hi there, well I started getting heartburn 2 weeks before I actually knew for sure that I was pregnant. I have had it all along. For the first 35 weeks I refused to take those mylanta/rennie/q...

Wednesday 21 July 07:15am

mandii79 replied to topic 10 weeks to go and counting...

Hi there, I think I have 1 week longer than you girls. I am due 10/8/04, so I have 21 days to go! Very exciting. I am hoping he wants to come early. We are pretty sure bub is a he, but we won'...

Wednesday 21 July 06:57am

mandii79 replied to topic Big age gap

Congratulations are most likely in order! I haven't been in here for a while, so I am catching up on everything, thought I would let you know about our situaion even though your bub is already her...

Saturday 19 June 06:35pm

mandii79 replied to topic much needed advice

Hi Carlie, I haven't been on here in a while, and saw your post. I feel for you as well. I was wondering if you mind me asking what you decided to do (if the test was right)? I hope everything is...

Saturday 19 June 06:18pm

mandii79 replied to topic Baby's Surname

I know just how you feel. I have a 7 year old daughter, and as I was quite young when I had her, I was under the assumption that her dad and I would get married, even though at the time it was ob...

Saturday 19 June 06:04pm

mandii79 replied to topic How do you know when you're feeling the baby move?

I am expecting my second (but my first is now 7 -huge age gap) but I was told to expect to feel the second baby start moving and kicking much earlier than the first. Boy was I disappointed. I was...

Thursday 06 May 01:08pm

mandii79 replied to topic ttc a girl

Yes I have also read that, but what they say is that if you want a buy you must have sex around the time you are ovulating (ie day before, on day, and day after) because if you male sperm dies off ...

Thursday 06 May 01:01pm
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