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MeeMee replied to topic house to rent

no, not in that area, ours is up for rent (we're breaking lease), 4x2 with study/sewing room, security screens, dishwasher, double remote garage large bedrooms, games, meals, family room, formal di...

Thursday 11 January 02:37pm

MeeMee replied to topic Rockingham Daycare

my twins went to the one near toyworld, care for kids I think its called. I thought they were quite good, that was 2 years ago now though.

Sunday 07 January 07:35pm

MeeMee started new topic Rockingham Peoples....

There is a lovely little rockingham parents forum if you are interested, its by invite only, so if you want to leave your email address I will send you the link.. thanks

Saturday 15 July 02:25pm

MeeMee started new topic Rockingham mums... email chat/ msn contact??

anyone want to chat via email or messenger at all? if you want to, leave your msn addy or email addy [email protected] is my email, have set up msn

Saturday 01 April 06:30pm

MeeMee started new topic ROCKINGHAM meet up??

anyone up for a meet at the playhouse in port kennedy on Monday April 10th at around 10am?

Saturday 01 April 06:28pm

MeeMee replied to topic Kalgoorlie

I used to live in Kal s'pose that doesnt help much.

Saturday 18 March 07:51pm

MeeMee started new topic Best suburbs

Whats a lovely place (but cheap) to raise a family, prefereabley with plenty of room for 6 little ones

Thursday 16 February 09:58pm

MeeMee replied to topic is foxtel worth it?

We were going to get the basic package, but really wanted it mainly for the kids, and it would have cost and extra $25ish for the extra kids channels, so we thought bugger it, we'll get the whole l...

Tuesday 14 February 06:46pm

MeeMee started new topic ROCKINGHAM, KWINANA, (even mandurah) MUMS (want to meet?)

Just thought, if anyone is intrested in organising a meet? Some where central to us all. Perhaps the funstation in Rockingham, or the PlayHouse in Port Kennedy? What day suits everyone best? I ...

Tuesday 14 February 03:41pm

MeeMee replied to topic anyone know of a gynocologist in perth who is relatively cheap or even free?

you will need a referal to see a gyno as far as I know, you do anyway. I dont know of any who are cheap, sorry. The one I went to, first appointment is like $120 (get back about half from medicar...

Wednesday 25 January 04:22pm

MeeMee replied to topic toilet bowl cleaning

oh ok, now I know what to do with my left over pwerball tablets, now we dont have a dishwasher anymore

Sunday 20 November 02:30pm

MeeMee replied to topic 2-year-old Christmas Present Ideas

how about role playng toys? Like a kitchen set? then he can cook, and have tea parties. Or a toy tool bench. My kids love to "fix" things. I love the little people sets too, they are pretty good,...

Saturday 19 November 11:58am

MeeMee started new topic A Q about parenting websites

do you think there are too many now? what makes you chose on over the other? What do you look for in one? (no I am not thinking of starting one)

Friday 18 November 02:39pm

MeeMee replied to topic FUN STATION MEET (ROCKINGHAM)

no takers so far....

Friday 18 November 02:19pm

MeeMee started new topic FUN STATION MEET (ROCKINGHAM)

Tuesday morning... 9.30am, Tuesday 22 Novemeber Anyone up for it?

Sunday 13 November 10:26am
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