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froggirl replied to topic found a solution

Sounds worth a try - my 4 1/2 month old keeps waking through the night for a feed also. I work 24 hour shiftwork which makes routine difficult but I'll try my best. Thanks for the info. Take care

Wednesday 10 March 10:09am

froggirl replied to topic When does bubby start sleeping through?

Oh my goodness - maybe it goes with the name. My 4 1/2 month old Connor is doing the same thing. He started sleeping through at the beginning of January which was lovely but since early Feb he ha...

Wednesday 10 March 10:06am

froggirl replied to topic Spewy Bubba

Mishka, About the colic - my little one is just starting to grow out of it at 12 weeks old. I found that the worst foods for me to eat were those high in sugar ie. biscuits, cakes, etc. Also foo...

Wednesday 21 January 11:54am

froggirl replied to topic Can't put her down

Hi Therese, My little one (5 weeks) is the same thru the day - falls asleep easily in my arms but cries as soon as laid down. Even do the patting & shhhh technique. We have found that it usually ...

Wednesday 03 December 11:20am

froggirl replied to topic any first time mums want to chat?

Hi Tracy, I'm a first time mum (at 34!!) with a 5 week old beautiful little man, Connor. I love being a mum even though it is so tiring at times and I don't tend to much else than feed, sleep, nu...

Sunday 30 November 07:28pm

froggirl started new topic Bub won't sleep til late at night!!!!

I am a first time mum also and have trouble getting bub to sleep before about 11pm. Bub (Connor DOB 26/Oct) then sleeps til about 7am, feeds, will sleep til about 11am then feed again, then awake o...

Saturday 29 November 09:26am
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