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KM60EF replied to topic Baby lotion and oil

I use a lot of MooGoo products for my baby (and for me too). I use their nappy balm, bubbly wash and their eczema cream and sunscreen are really good too. If you have a sensitive baby then these ...

Wednesday 22 July 09:31pm

KM60EF replied to topic Linea Nigra after pregnancy..

I never got a line just stretch marks, but both of my sisters did. One faded in about 8 weeks and one over a year. I guess it varies from person to person.

Wednesday 30 November 11:28am

KM60EF replied to topic Baby hates the car

Thankyou all for the excellent suggestions. We are now trying to travel during sleepy times which seems to help. He has some noisy toys to play with as well but i think we will have to invest in a ...

Monday 12 September 07:18am

KM60EF replied to topic High HCG levels in early pregnancy

I had extremely high levels that were quadrupling and also had suspected twins and feared molar pregnancy, but all good in the end. My little boy was healthy. My obstetrician did mention that if y...

Tuesday 30 August 01:15am

KM60EF started new topic Baby hates the car

Every weekend we have to drive 3 hours each way to our farm and my 5 month old just hates it. Occasionally he will sleep but usually he screams most of the way. It is even worse if we have to get h...

Monday 29 August 12:17am
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