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JZ replied to topic walking on toes continously.

See a physio, could mean shortened achillies tendon. My friends boy is almost 4 and does this. Its hard for him to stretch his achillies tendon as it causes him discomfort.He has to wear ankle boot...

Saturday 21 July 03:11pm

JZ replied to topic dredded dummy

My goal was always after 3rd birthday and had lots of anxiety about it. My son loovvved his dummy. One night he was really tired and foegot to ask for it. When I shut his door he was calling out fo...

Sunday 24 June 08:32am

JZ replied to topic Speech Therapy tips?

Play some music cds in the car of playschool or wiggles etc. My son loves playschool travelling in the car cd (cant remember name of it, you can by it from ABC shops). My son was a bit slow off the...

Sunday 24 June 08:21am

JZ replied to topic not interested in...........

My almost 16 month girl loves tv!! she gets up really close. she is a tvaholic!!! She does play on her own alot and loves reading books,however when she starts to grizzle is usually when she is bor...

Sunday 24 June 08:16am

JZ replied to topic 17 month old Not Walking

You should get a doctors referral for a paediatric physio. Your child may have low muscle tone. My son had hypotonia and didnt walk till 22 months. My daughter is 16 months almost, and is still not...

Sunday 24 June 08:07am

JZ replied to topic Still not walking!!

My son Bradley didnt take his first step till he turned 22 months. He was very late as he has low muscle tone (hypotonia). This was diagnosed quite late. He feels a bit floppy to pick up. not rigid...

Monday 21 May 05:10pm

JZ replied to topic ***should i give my son back his dummies***

Give it back only on the basis that he is sucking his thumb. there are worse things in life than a baby with a dummy. Dont stress about it. baby's love to suck, it is very natural for them to suck....

Monday 21 May 04:59pm

JZ started new topic any good xmas DVDs for kids

I want to buy my 3 year old and 10 month old a comedy style xmas dvd to watch. Are there any good ones around. Preferably non animation. Any suggestions would be great!!

Saturday 16 December 05:26am

JZ started new topic want to put 7 month old onto cows milk?

I really want to put my 7 month old girl on cows milk due to constipation. Formula is just so expensive and she only poos every 5 days and its really hard poo!!! Have tried coloxil and she has to b...

Wednesday 27 September 09:54am

JZ started new topic Novalac for constipation.

My little girl only poos once a week and its really hard and she cries her little eyes out! Has anyone tried Novalac for constipation. She is on Nan gold, Ive tried Karicare and Heinnz, they are al...

Friday 15 September 04:00am

JZ replied to topic Not Walking and nearly 18mths!

My boy didnt take his first steps till 22 months. He has mild hypotonia, which is low muscletone. Ask your MHN about it. If she feels a bit floppy and loose when you pick her up, that is usually an...

Friday 18 August 12:17pm

JZ started new topic getting sentimental over strange baby things!

I was getting cleaning my old bottle steralizer, ready to give it away,as Ive just stopped steralizing, anyway I started feeling really sad! How weird is that. Just wondering if anyone has gotten s...

Sunday 23 July 09:48am

JZ replied to topic weak somach muscles

My boy did exactltly the same thing with the commando crawl at that age. He started to crawl normally at 14 months and didnt take his first steps till 22months. It was discovered he has mild hypot...

Sunday 23 July 09:41am

JZ started new topic best toilet seat?

Ive got a Cushy Tooshie toilet seat for my son. I dont think it working out for him. He has a stool to use to step up on it but not alot of room on seat to for him to pee pee. He can manouvre himse...

Saturday 15 July 10:35am

JZ replied to topic Comando Crawling

My little man commando crawled for 5 months but it varies baby to baby, so dont stress!

Sunday 02 July 04:33pm

JZ replied to topic Eczma Crisis!!!

Hi kristy. I found bathing my son every 2 days his excema went away. I dont even sponge him down on the off night. Just wipe his hands, face and feet. Good to hear it has improved! Also are you usi...

Sunday 18 June 07:01am

JZ started new topic cant call husband "darling or honey" is that not normal?

I have never been able to call my husband of 4 years any affectionate names. I call my chidren darling and sweethart, but cant realate this to my husband. He is quite a serious person anyway but a...

Friday 09 June 12:40pm

JZ started new topic medication and weight gain.

Does anyone know of an anti depressant that doesnt cause weight gain. Ive tried zoloft and that made me want to eat all the time therefore I feel grumpy. Ive just gone onto lexapro. Has anyone got ...

Wednesday 10 May 05:27am

JZ replied to topic terrible twos

welcome to my world!

Sunday 16 April 11:46am

JZ started new topic Aspergers syndrome

Just wondering if there are any mums who have any children with Aspergers syndrome. We have been told our son is showing some signs of AS. We arent sure if it is just a mild case or something that ...

Tuesday 14 March 03:35pm
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