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rose2003 replied to topic confusing!

hi i have a baby girl too she is 5 months on the 9th oct and she has been eating since she was 4 months. with the farex you can buy this in different flavours my baby is having pear and banana fare...

Wednesday 01 October 11:41am

rose2003 replied to topic yes baby is now one and starting day care here to chat with all

arent they great children i have a 9yr old and a 4months old both girls and love them to bits wouldnt have it any other way. it was sweet reading that you had a 15 days old how wonderful and yeah i...

Monday 01 September 06:02pm

rose2003 started new topic your first real smile

when my baby gave me her first real smile my heart melted

Sunday 31 August 03:32pm
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