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kseniab replied to topic fussy eater-help!

Hi, Laura1 I don't know, if you find my words encouraging or not but anyway... Fussy eater's stage can last the whole life. That's a bad news. The good news are that fussy eaters still tend to cha...

Tuesday 02 November 01:22pm

kseniab replied to topic Weaning from breastmilk to cows milk

Have he ever tried cow's milk before.Does he like it? I'd offer him cow's milk before BF as he certainly doesn't count on it, filling himself with breast milk. The cow's one simply won't fit:-)

Tuesday 02 November 12:52pm

kseniab replied to topic when to stop giving my 12 mth girl the bottle

If she doesn't miss it, it was certainly a good decision:-)

Friday 11 July 07:36pm
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