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selinaz started new topic no breast == no milk?

Hi mums, both my DS won't take milk since I wean them, has any of you in the same shoe as me? Here goes my little(long) story .... I enjoyed breastfeeding and if possible,...

Monday 26 February 10:16pm

selinaz replied to topic Long plane trips, hot weather & time difference!

hi Brayden's mum, which part of Malaysia are you going? If it's closed to Singapore, then you can easily buy a car seat because most department stores in Singapore sell child/baby car seats that me...

Monday 12 June 08:42pm

selinaz started new topic DIY Home Portrait, which camera better???

Hi all, I recently got my boys to the Pixi studio to do some portrait and was total shocked on what they charged! The photos are nice but it's far tooo expensive. During the session, I didn't see a...

Monday 05 June 08:17pm

selinaz started new topic how to get over the time difference???

Hi mums, I still remember the first oversea trip with Raymond when he was 9mths old. It was to Hong Kong for a week. The food was great and not to mention the shopping! BUT we almost have no sleep...

Friday 05 May 07:44pm

selinaz replied to topic Son won't eat meat

Hi Bel77 My DS hates fish when I first introduced to him, so I tried make it into fish balls. He totally loves it! Maybe it's because of the shape. You can buy fresh fish/chicken/beef balls from ...

Wednesday 03 May 05:34pm

selinaz started new topic How much calcium???

Hi all, my 3 year old won't drink any milk or eat any milk product(cheese ect) since I wean him when he's 13months. The only thing related to milk he love is -- chocolate!! I'm worried about his c...

Wednesday 03 May 05:11pm

selinaz replied to topic Changed in-law relationship

Hi Deb, I couldn't agree more with the change in relationship since my DS was born. My in-laws are from a different culture and lives overseas. Before DS was born, they ony ever came to au once a ...

Saturday 29 April 08:33pm

selinaz replied to topic People movers / big family cars

Hi Maria, we have got a 2002 model Mazda mpv which carrys 7 people. It's similar to the toyota tarago but much cheaper. There's 5 seats in the car where you can install up to 5 child s...

Sunday 09 April 05:37pm

selinaz started new topic the sit'n'stand stroller, anyone use it before?

Hi mums, I saw the sit'n'stand baby love stroller today and found it really attractive. Has anyone have one of this? Is it really that useful as it looks? I got 2 boys, 3 years and the ...

Friday 31 March 08:04pm

selinaz started new topic How to save $$ ?

Hi mums, Have any of you regarded on how much we spent on baby stuff when we are pregnant? Like the huge expensive impractical pram that only last for a few months. As for now, I am trying to s...

Monday 06 March 08:06pm

selinaz started new topic A 3 year old that hates washing hair, help

Hi mums, I have a three year old boy that hates hair washing. Everytime when he's told that his hair need to be washed, he will scream from start to the end! He used to love bath time and don't r...

Tuesday 21 February 08:15pm

selinaz replied to topic plane travel

Hi, try to pick the flight when your child usually sleeps, so he might be able to sleep on your lap all the away! Also when the plane takes off, it tend to make them sleepy as well. But you will ne...

Tuesday 21 February 08:08pm
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