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shellyinoz started new topic Bedtime/nighttime/morning/time a nightmare for parents

My two-year-old son is very clingy and always wants his mummy. At bedtime, we have routine that includes bathing, stories and cuddles. When it is time for cuddles, I can't leave him until he falls ...

Tuesday 05 February 06:24am

shellyinoz replied to topic 2 year olds

It all depends on the child. My sons like building blocks so we have heaps of Mega Bloks toys. My two-year old loves the car transporter that comes with six vehicles because he can hide the cars in...

Tuesday 05 February 06:01am

shellyinoz replied to topic HELP!

Have you tried letting her graze? A friend of mine has a toddler girl that also doesn't eat, but she is quite happy to eat off your plate or eat plenty of healthy snacks as she's wandering around (...

Saturday 09 June 04:44pm

shellyinoz replied to topic Please Help! I need some advice!

Hi Cil, I understand that you used to put him down at 10:30 a.m. and he would have just the one nap for 1 1/2 hours. Now, you are trying to shift the nap until later so that he has more sleep in t...

Saturday 09 June 04:11pm

shellyinoz replied to topic HELP!! My day starts at 5am

I will have to psych myself up to let him cry I think. I spoke to a friend about it yesterday. Her 23-month old daughter has been waking early for a very long time now and she's starting to wake...

Saturday 09 June 04:00pm

shellyinoz replied to topic 12 Mth old Wet every morning

You have received some very good advice here. I personally vouch for the "go for the next nappy size" option. I had the same problem throughout my 3 year-old's toddlerdom. Whenever he started wak...

Friday 08 June 03:54am

shellyinoz replied to topic HELP!! My day starts at 5am

I am in the same boat. My 18-month old wakes 1 - 3 times per night to drink milk and then goes right back to sleep. Then at anywhere from 4:45 to 5:25 a.m. he is up bright as a button. I can't let...

Friday 08 June 02:25am

shellyinoz replied to topic Toddler being naughty

Hi Melly, My eldest son is 2 1/4 also and is doing exactly the same stuff--lots of boundary-testing going on in our house! I understand it is the age for this type of behaviour and all my friends ...

Tuesday 17 January 03:11pm

shellyinoz replied to topic What sort of "games" to you play with your 6 month old?

Sean is six months old and he loves to look at himself in the mirror. We have floor to ceiling mirrored doors on our wardrobes so when he is starting to get antsy, I sometimes set him up on the fl...

Friday 27 February 08:38am

shellyinoz replied to topic games to play with 4 1/2 mth??

My son is 4 1/2 months now and he loves it when I blow raspberries on his tummy. I have also given his some different things to hold and play with. For instance, I have taken a mesh laundry bag (us...

Wednesday 21 January 09:32am
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