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Jamie started new topic about solids

When you feed your child solids for the first time do you feed them straight after the bottle or wait 1/2 hour or an hour or so, what has been the most successful method for you?

Tuesday 06 May 03:46pm

Jamie replied to topic Feeding

No she is bottle feeding which I know makes baby last longer and he is putting on weight quite nicely though not excessively. I certainly could not overfeed my son on formula, he makes it quite cle...

Tuesday 06 May 02:49pm

Jamie replied to topic Sleeping at Night

My son is 11 weeks old and as far as I can remember in those early weeks, {they went by so quickly that everything is almost a blur!} I remember that when my son was showing tired signs I put him t...

Tuesday 06 May 02:24pm

Jamie replied to topic moving baby to a cot?

My response is whenever you feel like it, I suppose because I never used a bassinette and baby just went straight into the cot. My boy benifitted from being swaddled in his cot to allow him to feel...

Saturday 03 May 04:38pm

Jamie started new topic Feeding

My stepsister keeps on going on about trying to get her young son {6 weeks} to last for 4 hours between feeds. He can't manage it {of course} but when she does allow him a feed, he'll gulp down a ...

Saturday 03 May 04:28pm

Jamie started new topic sleep time

Does anyone else have a nearly three month old that is ready for his big sleep {through the night} at around 5pm or thereabouts? sometimes my son will have his last feed at around 3pm and since he ...

Saturday 03 May 04:07pm

Jamie replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

I have found that the most indispensable equipment has been the change table - saves your back, I LOVE Avent bottle and teats - they are the best to go from breast to bottle feeding, I use Tommee T...

Saturday 03 May 03:33pm
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