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Luvmyboy replied to topic Peoples opinion

Yes i agree.... It can get rather bitchy too ive noticed!!! thought I left High School a long time ago but I wonder when I come on here.. Thought it would be a good info source but dont really both...

Saturday 11 October 07:58pm

Luvmyboy replied to topic other carers?

Hi... I do the same work. Ive been doing it for about 9 years, ever since I left High School.( I worked at a respite program while doing Uni) I have done respite, life skills training, social suppo...

Saturday 11 October 07:14am

Luvmyboy replied to topic Cleft Babies

Hi My son was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate... The palate involvement is only very minor thank god! I saw a genetic specialist during a cleft pals meeting and basically they said that if...

Saturday 04 October 02:20pm

Luvmyboy replied to topic Microwave Milk

Who needs to get a life then........

Saturday 04 October 10:53am

Luvmyboy started new topic Peoples opinion

I have been having issues with my son, 13months eating lately so I thought I would jump on the forum to see what advice was flinging around. I was under the impression that this was a forum that is...

Saturday 04 October 07:49am

Luvmyboy started new topic Apples

Hi everyone My DS just is 13 months old... Do u think it is too early to give him apple... He loves stewed apple and would like to give him some finly sliced apple fingers but wanted to know if u t...

Saturday 04 October 07:04am

Luvmyboy started new topic Day Care

Hi I was wondering if some of u may be able to help me with some info... My DS just turned 1 and is VERY energetic. He is a good boy who will play alone but cant be left alone because I will leave ...

Friday 03 October 04:40am

Luvmyboy started new topic Im the proudest mum in the world!!!

My beautiful baby boy started to walk this morning and I am so proud I want to tell the world... He will be 1 next Tuesday and Im so happy because we hired a jumping castle for his party next weeke...

Sunday 07 September 07:59am

Luvmyboy started new topic I NEED YOUR IDEAS!!!!

A friend of mine is having his 30th birthday bash in 2 weeks and my DS who is 1 will be coming (he loves a good party!) The party is a dress up theme and you have to dress up as your favourite mus...

Saturday 06 September 01:31pm

Luvmyboy started new topic Photos

Hi Can any one tell me how you post the photos of your child at the bottom of what you write... Is it called a signature? Im hopeless with that stuff but it looks great and I wanna show off my hand...

Friday 05 September 11:15am

Luvmyboy started new topic Asthma??? Please help

Hi Im hoping some of you may have had experience in having a little one with asthma so that you could share some info and knowlege. My DS turns 1 next week and in the last two months he has been un...

Friday 05 September 10:58am

Luvmyboy replied to topic 1st Birthday party ideas???

We are having an Elmo Birthday for my DS... He LOVES Elmo. We are having friends and Family - about 60 all up including some little friends ages 1 to 12. We are celebrating him turning 1 and also m...

Sunday 10 August 03:34pm

Luvmyboy replied to topic All mummies and daddies with beautiful cleft palate babies - c'mon in!

Hello all My name is Bec and I have a beautiful son called Cameron.He is nearly 11 mnonths old and he was corn with a Bilateral cleft Lip and Palate.. He had his lip repair done at 5 months old and...

Saturday 02 August 01:45pm

Luvmyboy started new topic ELMO Birthday Cake

Hi my boy will be turning 1 in September and he loves Elmo so I want to make him an Elmo cake... Ive had a look around and it would seem that the easiest way to do this would be to use a Wilton bra...

Monday 07 July 05:20pm

Luvmyboy started new topic In Laws

Does no one have a decent MIL? The common theme through many replies seems to be that either your MIL is not as good as your own mother (surprise surprise) and that for many even though they have a...

Wednesday 02 July 08:21am

Luvmyboy replied to topic Mini tantrums 10mths

I have the same thing with my little fella... People say he has been here before and i really do believe it... He is 9 months and has a VERY strong personality. He has always been very curious in h...

Thursday 19 June 12:07pm

Luvmyboy replied to topic Licking - Has anyone else had any experience with this?

lol... My boy is a licker!! He licks people... Arms legs and your face. I dont worry too much. He is a strange little man with weird little habits but cute as a button! all kids have their unique l...

Tuesday 17 June 01:00pm
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