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nance started new topic breast pumps

Hi Mums, My bub is 6 months age and is wholly breastfeeding and just started solids. I want to use breastmilk to mix with her food. My current breastpump was given to me, which is a tiny manual ...

Wednesday 06 August 09:42am

nance replied to topic Teething?

Hi Little Chicken. Glad to hear Hannah is content and sleeping a brilliant 12 hours...wahhhoooo. Bonjela definately works a treat doesnt it. So thank you for your tip. My milk supply seems to be...

Tuesday 29 July 06:36pm

nance replied to topic Teething?

Gee Mary, Ive heard teething is bad enough without them appearing then dissapearing. Your poor bub! Double wammo with pain! 1st time i hear this one and I would say that will be us too! Hang i...

Tuesday 29 July 08:17am

nance replied to topic Teething?

Thanks Wacko for confirming the teething issue. Will try not to use gel toooo much. Felt around her gums and honestly I cant tell if gums are swollen or not. Sharni's cheeks are very rosy today,...

Sunday 27 July 11:45am

nance replied to topic baby bonding with dads

I am not aware of any set time a dad should spend with their babies, basically I guess it comes down to ones lifestyle. I have not met a father yet who is not a hands on dad! My husband gave ou...

Thursday 24 July 10:03am

nance replied to topic baby rash

I use sigmacort for all rashes on my baby and it works overnight. brilliant. goodluck

Thursday 24 July 09:48am

nance replied to topic Dribble Rash??

Hi Tanya, my bub is almost six months and dribbling heaps and too has a noticeably red rash under her chin. I use SIGMACORT on her neck, purely because my GP-OBS suggested it when she had prickly...

Thursday 24 July 09:46am

nance replied to topic my 6 month old won't fall asleep on her own

Hi Narelle, Must be the age. My 5 1/2 month old is the same at the moment, and I just thought it might be teething. I rock my baby until just about asleep then put to bed. Lately she is wingy a...

Thursday 24 July 08:18am

nance replied to topic Sleeping Through / Solids

Thank you so much for your tips. Bub is watching everything I put in my mouth with those pleading eyes, so I thinks your right! she wants some tooo. So I shall begin the wonderful world of food ...

Tuesday 22 July 02:09pm

nance replied to topic Teething

Hi Jules, Im so sorry I cannot help you or offer any advice. My baby is 5 1/2 months so I guess she will cut her first tooth soon. I just thought by reading your site I could at least be prepare...

Thursday 17 July 01:54pm

nance started new topic Sleeping Through / Solids

My bub was sleeping through from 8-13 weeks, got a cold and hasnt slept through since. 5 1/2 mnths now. breastfeeding. I was told to give her rice cereal to fill her up which would make her slee...

Tuesday 15 July 06:14pm

nance started new topic Teething?

My bub is 5 1/2 months old and is wholly breastfeeding. She is dribbling heaps, chews everything in hand and lately when put down for her night sleep, she scream cries. I comfort her and she fall...

Tuesday 15 July 06:02pm
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