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mumzie replied to topic DH opposed to Breastfeeding

dear dimples81 my husband never had any issues and yet if he did i would wring his neck!!!!! I went through all my labour only to have a c section and i walked in the hospital with if i can i will ...

Sunday 01 October 04:51am

mumzie replied to topic he's finally here

shannon,congratulations on your bundle of joy isn't it just amazing all the pain we go through to have them and its 100% worth it i my self went through the whole labour and suction cap on his head...

Sunday 01 October 04:05am

mumzie started new topic my little boy JACOB MICHAEL is finally here

any mumzies out there want to have a chat my little boy was born on the 31st august i went through all the labour and pushing only to have a c-section he wasn't a big boy either he was only 6 pound...

Sunday 01 October 03:50am

mumzie replied to topic Calling all Mum's with August 2006 Bub's!

howdy all new mums, i wasn't due till 15 september but my son thought other wize he was born on 31 august weight was 6 pound 5oz, length was 50cm, head was 34.5, i went through the whole labour onl...

Tuesday 26 September 05:44am

mumzie replied to topic 32 weeks pregnant and can barely sleep

dear alice, i'm the same every hour on the hour i am up can't sleep pee heaps but my main problem for me not sleeping is the dam heart burn i have tryed everything i mean everything nothing works ...

Monday 07 August 09:27am

mumzie replied to topic Very upset, think my husband is cheating on me

dear alicetrew, sorry to here about what had happened my hubs and i were reading your story and my hubs couldn't belive what a sh*t he was to do this and to be blessed with 3 children how lucky som...

Sunday 06 August 06:58am


HOWDY any of your hubs starting to do the panic thing like well timing peek hour traffic so will get to hospital on time, trying to shove all his studies into 5weeks so he has free time ,help i'm g...

Sunday 06 August 06:36am

mumzie replied to topic How much does you gyno charge?

dear mngbiz, howdy i'm tracy my gyno/obbie charges $1.800 that covers me from start of pregnacy up in till my 8 week check up after the birth. this covers all scans and internal ultrasounds in her ...

Sunday 06 August 06:03am

mumzie replied to topic Movement. What does it feel like?

dear vis, i didn't feel my bubs move till i was 28weeks so dont worry, i find it so amazing the feeling of him moving and kicking it always puts a smile on my face or laugh but in the ribs man that...

Tuesday 18 July 09:36am

mumzie replied to topic HOW CLOSE IS CLOSE, (family pregnant at same time AGAIN)

dear melissa, tracy here and i am in the same boat i'm 3 weeks ahead of my sister inlaw both due with boys i know what u r going through. if she knew u were going to try again and she has a problem...

Tuesday 18 July 09:18am

mumzie replied to topic Pap smear test - abnormal result

Dear Bigglet, i'm Tracy i first had a abnormal smear at 19yrs i've had cin 1 2 3 3 2 i'm now 26yrs old having my first bubs due sept 15. cin 1 is common normally they will do a follow up to see how...

Sunday 18 June 07:42pm

mumzie replied to topic young mum needing advice

dear kylie-27, hi i'm tracy i'm the same age as your daddy dearest my husband is 31 i'm due to have our first a boy due september 15th, what a wonderfull thing to have a child is hey, have u spoken...

Sunday 18 June 04:34pm

mumzie replied to topic PAPSMEAR RESULTS anyone had CIN 2 before????

dear quin1901, hi im tracy i was 19yrs when i had cin 1 2 3 and it did come back i got 3 again 2 again my gyno is fantastic i was a mess having to tell my new boyfriend why i was going to the hospi...

Monday 12 June 07:56am

mumzie replied to topic FIRST TIME MOTHERS

hi sarah, sorry haven't spoke in a while i waz sick big time had to b in hospital,got that bloody gastro but being preggers can't take anything was sick at 11pm and didn't stop till 5pm the next d...

Saturday 10 June 08:48pm

mumzie replied to topic Coke Zero

dear kris0202, well this might shock all u pregger gals but here is some info on all soft drinks i watched on today tonight it shocked me and put me into research mode well here goes look at every ...

Saturday 10 June 08:11pm

mumzie replied to topic When do you have to stop driving?

dear aprilsmum, check with your car insurance company some wont cover u after 30weeks others cover up to full term depends on your policy good luck hope i helped byeeeeeeee mumzie due 15 september...

Saturday 10 June 07:52pm

mumzie replied to topic Psychics

dear georgies mumma i rang a phychic in dec last year she detailed lots of things about me what month i got married how it was 5 peoples day she was right its mine and hubs wedding day,my uncles bd...

Monday 29 May 01:38pm

mumzie replied to topic I NEED HEARTBURN RELIEF!

jasmyn, i had and still have heart burn everyday. started getting it from 6 weeks preggers'.i'm now 25 weeks and still have it. tryed every bloody thing i can and nothing is working.its driving me ...

Monday 29 May 06:36am

mumzie replied to topic losing weight in the first trimester

dear clare, i had no morning sickness at all or arvo .i only knew i was preggers when i was feeling dizzy like i wanted to pass out and after trying for 9mnths thought naaaaa cant be preggers but w...

Monday 29 May 06:05am

mumzie replied to topic Sister is Pregnant too

BINGO WE HAVE A WINNER I AM IN THE SAME BOAT HERE IS EVIL SHE HAD HER FIRST BY ACCIDENT???????????? here is how it starts i had some money i had reciently recived from a bad car accident. i wante...

Sunday 28 May 07:41pm
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