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Justine replied to topic LEARNING TO CRAWL

Hi Autumn's mum I'm new too. My son Joshua is eight and a half months old and he is not crawling yet - not even close. He pushes his bottom up and thrashes his head from side to side when on his s...

Tuesday 11 March 09:02pm

Justine replied to topic Settling

I know how you feel - although that isn't much help. My eight month old soon only slept for 30 minutes during the day and fed every three hours (breastfed) until he was 6 months old. He then starti...

Tuesday 11 March 08:54pm

Justine replied to topic bathing baby

Dear Barmy You have probably made your decision regarding this topic but many bubble baths contain a chemical called "ammonuim laurel suplhate" or "sodium laurel sulphate". This is the agent which...

Tuesday 11 March 08:41pm

Justine started new topic childhood ezcema

My son is eight months old and experiences terrible ezcema on his chest. I do not use soap in his baths or when washing his clothes or manchester. The only thing doctors have been able to prescribe...

Tuesday 11 March 08:35pm
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