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mariegeppert started new topic Keeping a toddler in his own bed and not ours!!!

Hi My little boy Sebastian turned 2 in December 04 (now 26 months) and he has been in a big bed since we moved back to Canberra in June 04 (he was 18 months then)... Only problem is that he can g...

Thursday 10 February 11:07am

mariegeppert replied to topic How do you expain the urge?

Hi... My son is 2 and a bit (born in Dec 02) and the way we have explained the wee is by making a big deal of it when he does one eg... when he is in the bath, or shower, and there may be water (s...

Thursday 10 February 10:46am

mariegeppert replied to topic Swimming Lessons

Hi all I have been taking Seb to swimming lessons at Wyndam Liesure Centre (Hoppers Crossing) since he was 6 months old and he absolutely loves it - it is our 3rd term now (they are 15 weeks long)...

Saturday 13 March 10:41am

mariegeppert replied to topic Head Hitter

Hi all... Apparently this is not only normal to some, but can be hereditary... My nephew (and Godson) has been doing this since a little baby... and did it so much in the cot, that the cot collaps...

Saturday 13 March 10:05am

mariegeppert replied to topic sweating when sleeping

Hi all I only started looking at this for the first time today, and this topic shows that we are not alone... My son Sebastian (currently 15 months old) has always had a "hot head"... from when he...

Saturday 13 March 09:55am
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