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mommy replied to topic dates with their dads

have you got any ideas how to get my daughters father to spend more time with her we are know seperated and live 100 or so km away from each other she hardly knows who he is and needs to know him a...

Friday 21 March 12:46pm

mommy replied to topic Seperation Anxiety

dont worry i have the same problem! but the only problem is i dont have i clue on how to stop it! if you get any ideas pleeeese let me know!

Saturday 01 March 04:37pm

mommy replied to topic Sleep

hi i have a 13 mth old and she is constantly up she is hyperactive,not in a bad way but it acually means that there always on the go! the best thing i found is keep them up all day and as long as y...

Saturday 01 March 04:34pm

mommy started new topic clingyness

has anyone had trouble with their son or daughter clinging to them? i have alot of trouble with my daughter clinging on to me she goes to daycare 4 times a week and my daycare worker kris has alot ...

Saturday 01 March 04:25pm
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