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Skyes'Mummy replied to topic travelling in car

My little one was very good in a car until one day and she started hollering every time she so much as saw the seat. We tried everything we could think of, even bring the seat out of the car, and ...

Tuesday 04 March 06:33pm

Skyes'Mummy replied to topic Back to work

For games and activities, I can hihgly recommend a story, with lots of facial expression, cuddles and laughs, and if time permits a walk together, even if it is only to go out and bring the washing...

Tuesday 04 March 06:26pm

Skyes'Mummy replied to topic Babies hair growth

Skye is the same, she was born with aroung an inch and a half of dark, soft hair, and now at almost four months, she still has the original amount, and then some! I have trouble doing up buttons o...

Tuesday 04 March 06:23pm
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