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shanen replied to topic Hand & Feet Sculptures?

hi Gizmo I haven't had the sculptures done for either child and have wanted to. My girlfriend has had her sons done at Twinkle Toes and it is so professional that is where I have decided to go. I ...

Tuesday 08 November 05:04pm

shanen replied to topic Dry Face Skin

Hi I agree Paw Paw Ointment is excellent for any rashes dryness or scars. My whole family use it for everything, I was advised to use it on my daughter 8 years ago and she never had nappy rash so ...

Friday 28 October 07:09pm

shanen replied to topic Constipation in Newborns

Hi Ladies Well we have had success so far with the change to Karicare Gold. Yesterday he did 2 poo's was so much more contented, then today he done 3 poo's, slept from 2pm til 5.30pm the again fro...

Wednesday 26 October 05:35pm

shanen replied to topic antenatal depression..

Hi there Girls Yes there is definately such a thing as Antenatal depression and I have suffered from it. I can totally relate to what you are going through moodymum and don''t feel ashamed. My son...

Monday 24 October 07:18pm

shanen replied to topic formula issues

Hi Mady As I mentioned in my constipation problems posting, I have changed Logan over to Karicare Gold today, he is settled so much more sleeping from feed to feed and letting heaps of fluffs off....

Monday 24 October 05:48pm

shanen replied to topic Constipation in Newborns

Thanks Mady & Jodi I am grateful for your replies. I actually found in the feeding topic page about similar problems with S26 Gold. Heaps of babies have experienced the same transformation probl...

Monday 24 October 05:41pm

shanen started new topic Constipation in Newborns

Hi All I am a second time mum with a beautiful new baby boy Logan who is going on 6 weeks, I also have a beautiful 8 year old daughter Mikayla. I had been breatfeeding up until 3 days ago and unf...

Sunday 23 October 04:44pm
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