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lazydazy replied to topic How do you fall pregnant with a number two

Valuable. First let me say thank goodness lisa n was around to give you some good advise. Let me also again say the Australian Breastfeeding Association is a great source of up to date information....

Sunday 30 March 05:27pm

lazydazy replied to topic Back to work

I have been back at work for 5 months. My son is nearly 16 months old. So I should be happy that I had 11 months home with him. He loves his Day Care mum, has a great sleep routine for her. And...

Thursday 27 February 09:17pm

lazydazy replied to topic Sleep

Rowie, Sleep???What is that. Jokes. Our 15 month old son is breast fed to sleep when I am around. He is in day care 5 days a week and has no worries about going to bed for his Day Care Mum. Just l...

Thursday 27 February 09:04pm
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