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bellhull started new topic stuff u cant live with out

There is so much new stuff u can get now days, i never had with my first baby. Tell me all about the neat things u had to get through pregnancy and for the new bub. Mine was a fetal heartbeat moni...

Thursday 06 March 05:49pm

bellhull started new topic thinks that made u laugh

Well i hope this could be a place where mums-to-be can laugh at bit and remember its not all that bad. I fell over in the middle of the supermarket, at 6 months pregnant. Everyone came rushing ove...

Thursday 06 March 05:42pm

bellhull started new topic the Last 12 weeks

I am having the worst pregnancy this time around, with swollen ankles, indegestion and headaches. anyone one have any idea on how i might enjoy the last 12 weeks of this pregnancy.

Thursday 06 March 05:35pm
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