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MrsEJMuffett replied to topic 2 minute noodles

Hi there, I only use the fat free noodles too. The full fat ones tend to be pre-fried in palm oil which is a little too full on for little bodies I think. The other problem with the full fat noo...

Saturday 15 October 04:43pm

MrsEJMuffett replied to topic When to stop formula???

Hi there, I started my daughter (now 17months) on cow's milk at around 10 months - in small doses initially- and then worked up gradually as I became more confident that her body was fine with it ...

Saturday 15 October 04:30pm

MrsEJMuffett replied to topic wants to walk but wont hold my hand!

Hi there, Sounds like someone has an independant little soul on their hands! My daughter (nearly 17 months) is exactll the same. I never understood the use of those awful "leashes" I have seen m...

Thursday 13 October 05:32pm

MrsEJMuffett replied to topic How much milk for 18month old?

Hiya, My 17month old daughter has two to three drinks of milk a day probably between 300 and 500ml per day - I stopped measuring at around 9 months, I just went by what she was happy with. This a...

Thursday 13 October 05:15pm
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