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ladybug replied to topic How do I attach a rusk?

Hi there, what I do with my girl’s rusks or any food is I have a play/feeding mat under their high chairs and it works a treat. Except of course those unexpected times when one of them throws it f...

Friday 05 September 05:10pm

ladybug started new topic Freezing Baby Food!

Hi there, I'm really somewhat beyond myself here and getting very frustrated. I cook a lot of food, then mouli **SP** when it's cooled and then when ti's cold I freeze it for the week. When I rem...

Friday 05 September 04:58pm

ladybug replied to topic 9 month old won't eat "LUMPS"

I have twin girls that are the exact way in regards to not eating lumpy food. I for the life of me cannot get either of them to chew their food. It is literally driving me insane the amount of foo...

Friday 05 September 04:50pm
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