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starchristian replied to topic ANY OTHER MUMS WITH TWINS

Hi everyone, My name is Sherrie and i have twin girls born on the 4th of march 2005, weighing in at 5 pound 1 and 6 pound 3. I also have another son aged 2 and very demanding. If anyone want to cha...

Friday 13 May 04:33pm

starchristian replied to topic I'm new here too, are there any nth gold coast mums?

Hi, i live in Mount Warren Park so i'm proberly to far for walking, But i thought i would write and say i have a 25 month old boy and 10 week old twins girls.....does it get any better?

Friday 13 May 04:23pm

starchristian replied to topic GEORGIA ROSE

It certainly is a beautiful name I also named one of my twins Georgia Rose on the 3rd of march

Friday 13 May 04:16pm

starchristian replied to topic New Mum

Hi Tracey, its nice to hear from someone in the area. My sons name is Christian, what are your kids names?

Thursday 15 January 08:51pm

starchristian replied to topic Brisbane Southsiders

Hi, My Name is Sherrie i have a 10 months old son and definatley interested in a playgroup, i live in the beenleigh area but am willing to travel as far as mt gravatt. if you do start up a playugro...

Thursday 15 January 08:47pm

starchristian started new topic New Mum

Hi! My name is Sherrie, I live in Mt Warren Park sth of brisbane. I am 23 yrs old with a husband and a ten month old little boy. I am new to this site and still not to sure how it works, so if you ...

Thursday 15 January 08:27pm
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