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me_&_nat replied to topic Confused

Hi Mum2Cohen & Sienna, I got pregnant on the pill 1st time round (big surprise to me and hubby!) and 2nd time, i came off the pill and my 1st period was 9 days late (37 day cycle). We didnt try to...

Friday 03 April 12:22pm

me_&_nat replied to topic i'm 22 with 2 kids, does anyone else feel more pre

I AGREE!!! I got married 3 days after I turned 20, and 'by unplanned surprise' had our DD when I was 22 (I was almost 23 tho) and we just had our DS 1 year ago. I not only get comments like 'wow,...

Thursday 07 February 09:57am

me_&_nat replied to topic 11 month old day sleeps

i am in EXACTLY the same boat! MY DS is 11 months old also and in between cutting sleeps. some days he has 2 shorter ones, other days just one short one, some one long one?!!? be interesting if an...

Saturday 01 December 02:52pm

me_&_nat started new topic i am going insane...anyone with a similar story?!?!

My 11month boy has never been the best sleeper but I have always used controlled crying with pretty good success (i also have a 4yr daughter who i did the same routine with and she was

Friday 30 November 01:37pm

me_&_nat replied to topic How much milk is your 9month old having??

Thanks so much for the reply. im happy to hear that our little ones are eating/drinking similar amounts. Its hard when the formula tin suggests 3-4 feeds of 240mls - and thats pretty much all i w...

Sunday 07 October 04:47pm

me_&_nat started new topic How much milk is your 9month old having??

Hi anyone! My 9 month old is drinking approx 600mls throughout the day and having heaps of solids. I just wanted to check if this was about normal?! He wont take any more formula (presumably cos h...

Saturday 06 October 04:35am

me_&_nat replied to topic Filming the birth

Hi My DH filmed my DSs birth (he was born in December). We didnt tape my DDs birth, but I decided out of interest I'd like watch DS being born. I WILL NOT show anyone else tho!! But I just wanted...

Wednesday 08 August 07:25am

me_&_nat replied to topic How long after a stretch & sweep was performed did you go into labour?????

hi there! I hope your S&S works for you tonight! My body obviously likes to hold onto babies for as long as possible and will accept no interference from a S&S! My DS (who is now 6 months old) wa...

Tuesday 03 July 12:49pm

me_&_nat replied to topic When did ur bub cut their eye teeth????

HI! ARRGGHH...EYE TEETH!! My DS (who is 5 1/2months now) got his bottom teeth the week he turned 4MONTHS!! then the next 2 teeth to come were his EYE teeth! So weird!! So by 5 months old he has ...

Friday 15 June 03:41am

me_&_nat replied to topic Help in eliminating the night feed and getting bubs to sleep through the night.

Hi Ive followed a fantastic routine for both my kids (3.5yrs & 4months). It has worked well with both of them. And yes, it involves the dreaded SELF SETTLING!! But I was alot slacker with it wi...

Thursday 03 May 02:55am
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