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Julew replied to topic Day care misbehaviour

I have been through something similar with Dylan but when we talked it was to make sure that we both were following similar processes when he was being disobedient. I wouldn't take it personally....

Wednesday 25 June 06:10pm

Julew replied to topic Getting sick with every common cold

No you are not missing a trick they just don't tell you this in the manual that comes with them when they are born . I find when Dylan gets a cold, DP and I always get it also. We had a really bad...

Wednesday 25 June 05:54pm

Julew replied to topic 20 month old coughing

I use a humidifier and rub euky bear on Dylans chest and if he has a runny nose he generally gets a dose of demazin just before he goes to bed to help him breath. Hope you DD gets better soon.

Wednesday 25 June 05:39pm

Julew replied to topic Tantrums in the bath

Hi my son is the same, he hates water in his face. I found a shampoo hat which is a thing that sits around his head a bit like a hat but with the top cut off and has a wide brim so that when you po...

Monday 23 June 08:21am

Julew replied to topic Vitamins

I put Dylan on a multivitamin about 3 months ago and yes I have noticed a difference. He is still getting colds and stuff this winter but they haven't been leading to chest infections like last yea...

Monday 23 June 08:14am

Julew replied to topic WANTED! Small plush lamb: please help!

My son doesn't have a similar lamb but I was thinking maybe write a letter from the lamb to your daughter telling her that he is enjoying the camping trip and that he is nice and warm and has heaps...

Monday 23 June 08:06am

Julew replied to topic 10 months old who wont take medicine

I had trouble with Dylan with Panadol as it has a very strong yucky flavour so I spoke with the chemist and they got me to try a different brand. Can't remember the brand but it had an orange taste.

Sunday 25 May 08:19am

Julew replied to topic Biting

Dylan is also a fan of biting me, but thankfully doesn't do it at daycare and has never bitten another kid. He generally bites me when he is teething (i think he trys to use me as a teething ring. ...

Monday 19 May 04:01pm

Julew replied to topic anyone know

I disagree with this. Not about the method but if you just leave it on a rapid simmer you will also burn the alcohol off. There is no need to set it aflame unless you are doing it for a presentatio...

Wednesday 07 May 01:55am

Julew replied to topic Concerned! Dark thick poos

It is normal that when other foods are being introduced the colour and texture change. Then the more solid food they get the stinkier the poo's get to!!! As the other poster has said she sounds lik...

Wednesday 07 May 01:45am

Julew replied to topic When did you stop using breastpads?

I breastfed Dylan until he was 11 months old and had to use pads for the entire time. I would leak everywhere without them.

Wednesday 07 May 01:33am

Julew replied to topic son calling us by our first names

Dylan does this with DP. The way we have tried to stop this is to not react and give any response when he calls DP by his first name. DP then waits until he says daddy and then he responds immediat...

Wednesday 07 May 01:09am

Julew replied to topic when will my 18 month old son start telling me what he wants

Dylan was just before he turned 2 when he really started to let me know what he wants. Now he is 2 he has started going through the terrible 2's and he thinks it is his way or the highway. Let me t...

Wednesday 07 May 01:05am

Julew replied to topic i think my 18 month old son is bored

Activities that I or his daycare do with Dylan are: painting pasting things onto paper (get a magazine and cut out different pictures, get a piece of paper and put heaps of glue on it over most of...

Wednesday 07 May 01:01am

Julew replied to topic discipline when he thinks its funny

This sound so much like Dylan. It drive you to a point where you don't know what you are capable of. For Dylan I have a thinking chair. Which is similar to a naughty corner but I just use the same ...

Tuesday 06 May 08:58am

Julew replied to topic leaking nappies

With Dylan I find that sometimes it is the position of the nappy. I have a bad tendancy to have it to high at the back. So I make sure that I have heaps of nappy at the front and not much at the ba...

Tuesday 06 May 07:48am

Julew replied to topic Child Care - should I or shouldn't I?

Hi Julie, I have had Dylan in daycare since he was 11 months old as I didn't have anyone to look after him when I went back to work. It is very hard as you do feel like you have abandoned him. But...

Tuesday 06 May 07:43am

Julew replied to topic Please help Has anyone,s child had hives before

When you are trying to elimate what is causing the hives also look at the environment. Dylan had a similar thing happen and he was having a reaction to the wash that I was putting in his bath water...

Tuesday 06 May 07:25am

Julew replied to topic Grommets

Also after the operation we found for washing his hair a thing called a shampoo hat which sits like a big plastic ring around their head and I get a cup and pour the water over his hair and this ri...

Monday 05 May 12:15pm

Julew replied to topic Grommets

Dylan had grommets inserted in November last year. The way the surgeon explained Dylans hearing was to stick cotton wool into your ears and speak with someone and that is about how it sounds for ou...

Monday 05 May 12:11pm
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