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janali replied to topic Biting

I have a 5yr old son he starting biting when he was 2 then the pinching starts etc I stopped him from doing it back ask him if it hurts that sort of thing, also told him to do it to himself to see ...

Wednesday 16 April 06:45pm

janali replied to topic Walking

my daughter is on 9 months she is walking along the furniture (& letting go when dancing) i understand what you are saying about little for she is just on the height line for her age and cant sit u...

Wednesday 16 April 06:27pm

janali replied to topic Eye Colour

I'm happy to hear someone else talk about what colour the eyes will be as my husband just doesnt seem to listen. My daughters eyes (& hair) keeps changing colours not drastically but I can notice ...

Wednesday 16 April 06:19pm
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