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**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Honest Opinions

I personally dont like the colour. I dont like little girls wearing BLACK. Not until they are at least 9 - 10 and than only black pants and shorts not tops.

Saturday 01 November 07:49pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Single Mum... IVF

Why pay for IVF they should just go and have a 1 night stand or 2 and there its done.. Lol

Saturday 01 November 07:42pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Just out of curiosity...

Im either putting it to our savings to try and get that Australain Dream or $1000 will go in each of the kids accounts.. I should learn to read before I hit submit... [Edited on 31/10/2008]

Saturday 01 November 07:15pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic ok so im home by myself tonight and

Off to have my hair done tommorrow woohoo finally dye those greys away and on Sun its my Birthday. Was going to get my Mum to cook the Lamb Roast I got today for $10.00 hehe I wonder if she will. T...

Saturday 01 November 06:47pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Could the people

Posted by: MumtoTyler i know it happens all the time nowadays but there is no way that i will ever think a 16 year old is ready to have sex and take on all the responsibilities that goes with it. ...

Saturday 01 November 06:38pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic In The Night Garden Fans

Myers has the Talking Iggle Piggle for $49.95

Saturday 01 November 06:27pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic please read

I sleep facing outwards as I cant handle being breathed all over if DF has rolled to facing the middle...

Saturday 01 November 05:57pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic good idea?

I got an Engraved frame I have one of her first Pro pictures in it. Another idea I like is I got a clock and it has places for 12 months worth of pictures these are really nice as well. Just anot...

Saturday 01 November 05:45am

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic anyone done a party @

They are both similiar or they are in QBN as I have been to both..

Saturday 01 November 05:43am

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Arrggghhh don't you hate it...

We are all the same but this is why we have nothing Ladies cause we spend what we have on our Children. I have to go with what Judds Mum suggested and some New clothes as we often or do it all the...

Saturday 01 November 05:14am

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic another secret santa question sorry!

I superstious so mine will be sent on or after the 1st of December with my xmas cards. It has to be sent either registered or by express post so you have a tracking Number. Time for bed to tired ...

Friday 31 October 08:07pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Anyone know any PND sites?

It could be a mixture of emotions. If she had a CHN visit they can do a simple test which lets you know if you are suffering. Thats alot for anyone to cope with let alone having a new bub as well.

Friday 31 October 08:03pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic My 1st Goodnight thread!!!!

Reminds me of the Waltons am I showing my age now lol.

Friday 31 October 07:58pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic How am I meant to feel???

Sometimes life just gets to tough for some. I have also had a friend in the last fortnight take his own life. My thoughts are with you and its the ones who are left behind who are left to wonder w...

Friday 31 October 07:55pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic i get parole

Now I have that song suck in my head 16 years in hell I aint spending a night here. Lol your so funny..

Friday 31 October 07:24pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Internet Providers..........

I had problems with TPG so I cant reccommend them...

Friday 31 October 07:20pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic Macleods Daughter's

They canned it meant to run over the Christmas break will beleive it when I see it. You can watch reruns on the Hallmark channel lol.

Friday 31 October 07:16pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic games on facebook

Connect Four as well lol

Friday 31 October 07:14pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic games on facebook

Word Twist, Super slot Machines, Jackpot slots and Jackpot Tabs plus scratch and win Im a gambler hehe

Friday 31 October 07:14pm

**Lifeislikethat** replied to topic ok im gunna try again

I like Huggies for my lil girl and Mamias for my son.. I must still have the old ones as Im yet to have a problem with them..

Friday 31 October 07:10pm
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