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cowgirl started new topic Swaddling

Does anyone have any tips on swaddling? My 8 week old daughter needs to be swaddled but it doesn't matter how tight I wrap her, she manages to wriggle her hands out of the top which in turn wakes ...

Thursday 05 October 08:04am

cowgirl started new topic 2 week old sleeping in basinette in our room

Hi We have a two week old little girl who is currently sleeping in a basinette in our room. She sleeps for approximatley 3 to 3 and a half hours (day and night) before waking to feed, she then se...

Wednesday 23 August 03:51pm

cowgirl started new topic New to Site - Anyone from WA due Aug 06

Hi I'm a first time pregnant 36 year old who is married to a wonderful and supportive man. We have been married for just over a year and are thrilled to be expecting our first baby on 9th August...

Saturday 22 April 07:18pm
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