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shelle replied to topic Learning to Speak

my now almost 3year old son was the same, had minimal language at 18mths, by 2 years he had no more words, he was sent for a hearing test and they said his comprehension was outstanding so not to b...

Thursday 07 August 07:33pm

shelle replied to topic Prams

I know this is already too late as you have bought a pram already, but when I had my 2nd child my first was 16mths and I was looking for a pram with the toddler seat. I ended up going for the baby ...

Thursday 07 August 07:12pm

shelle replied to topic Trying for a boy

As boy sperms live shorter but swim faster they reach an egg that has already been released before the girl sperms. Therefore if you want a boy you need to have sex on the day of ovulation and if y...

Thursday 17 July 07:38pm

shelle replied to topic How much does your baby take in a feed?

I was breastfeeding my first baby every 2-3 hours daily and he always wanted more so I put him on solids about 3-4 months and he took to them really quickly, he loved it and slowed down on the milk...

Thursday 17 July 07:29pm

shelle replied to topic Jelousy

Hi Sandie, I have only just joined today, Don't worry he is just being a 3 year old boy, my almost 3 yo boy has been going through terrible 2's since the day he turned 2, I think 2 and 3 year olds ...

Friday 11 July 12:15pm

shelle replied to topic Boys and dolls

Don't be concerned at all, it is a natural part of development, in fact teddys and dolls are used as assessment tools in testing childrens emotional stability. If they get cuddles and kissed at hom...

Friday 11 July 12:04pm

shelle replied to topic 2 children under 2

Hi Tracy, my first son was 7 months old when we started trying for a second, thinking it would take a few months as I was still breastfeeding 4-5 feeds per day, it worked first go, so I had 2 under...

Friday 11 July 11:29am
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