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agwot started new topic wont brush teeth

my ds 27mths doesnt like brushing his teeth. I have tried everything to get him to do it but he doesnt like it. Is this ok for his age? hopefully as he gets older he may understand that he needs ...

Tuesday 12 September 10:12am

agwot started new topic baby no2 and sleep routine

im just wondering if any mums with more than one child finds it difficult to develop a routine with their 2nd child as they are busy with theit first also. I have a son 27mths and a son of 6 mths. ...

Tuesday 12 September 09:39am

agwot started new topic feeding and sleep routines

can anyone tell me their feeding and sleeping routines for 6 mth babies. My ds is 5 1/2 mths and as I am going to start solids soon im just wondering what sort of routine he should generally have. ...

Friday 25 August 08:18am

agwot started new topic signs of autism

can anyone tell me the signs of autism. I have heard that arm flapping is one of them which my ds aged 2 does when he gets excited and sees things he likes. He also has a speech delay which we are ...

Tuesday 30 May 08:16am

agwot started new topic pelvic floor

Has anyone found that their pelvic floor isnt the same as they used to be. I have noticed a definate change since having baby no 2. I now see a physio and have to do pf exercises but its hard as I ...

Tuesday 30 May 06:24am

agwot started new topic exercise and kids

Im a mum of two kids. First ds is 2 and second ds is 11 weeks old. After ds1 was born I lost all my weight by four months through good eating and exercise which consisted of regular walks and jogg...

Tuesday 30 May 06:16am

agwot started new topic clingy toddler

my ds aged 2 is very clingy to my dh. He is fine with me but as soon as dh is in sight he runs to him and starts whinging and being all whiny but wont let go of him. Im not sure why he does this. I...

Tuesday 30 May 05:54am

agwot started new topic what to give for lunch

my ds 25 mths is a very fussy eater. what i am after is if anyone can give me suggestions on what to give this little terror for lunch? He wont eat bread of anykind so sandwiches are out. He used ...

Saturday 27 May 06:53pm
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