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lil_remy replied to topic Grommets - Does anyone know anything about them?

Hi Kayla's mum, Remy had grommets inserted about three months ago. They are tiny little ventilation tubes which are inserted into the ear after the middle ear fluid is sucked out. From about 8mo ...

Thursday 16 August 01:02pm

lil_remy replied to topic spitting out food

My ds is doing the same - any foods that he cant fully chew or just doesnt like. He's also starting to press his lips together come mealtimes so its a been a nightmare feeding him lately. I've reso...

Wednesday 27 December 04:10pm

lil_remy started new topic Not knowing how yr kids are being looked after while at work

I've started going to work 3 full days a week and DS stays with my MIL & FIL. When i get remy back on my next day off, he is really wilful and screams to get what he wants. It takes about until the...

Sunday 24 December 10:04pm

lil_remy started new topic 8 mth old, never sleeps thru & catnaps during day

Hello, My DS is nearly 8 mo old, has probably slept thru 2 or 3 times ever and is a serial catnapper. Like some other mums, I have tried just about everything to try and get him to self settle but...

Wednesday 02 August 10:46am

lil_remy started new topic Salt and suger intake for 7 mth old

Hi mums, Im concerned with how much salt and sugar there is in the foods we buy at the supermarket. I always look for the 'no added sugar/salt' but find they'v got other things in them like flavou...

Tuesday 11 July 06:44pm

lil_remy replied to topic Help! My bubs wont let me out of his sight

Hi Vickie, I read in a book that when u hear yr baby cry respond immediately with what he needs. Maybe try leaving the room after he is settled then when he cries again you go in again to comfort ...

Friday 07 July 08:49pm

lil_remy started new topic when to feed meat?

Hi all, when is it ok to puree meat with other vegies to feed bubs? I've tried the Heins 4-6 mth foods with meat but they smell kinda funky so made my own. Bubs liked it but im concerned his tummy ...

Friday 26 May 07:28pm

lil_remy replied to topic Could she have teething rusks?

Hi Ebony, Yr daughter soudns exactly like my son! HE is 51/2 mths now and has been trying to ram all his fingers into his mouth until he gags and spews. He has this great knack for puking on othe...

Thursday 25 May 08:50pm

lil_remy started new topic Britney and her bub

Just catching up on the goss with Brits on the cover with all the neverending drama thats going on with her and her baby......What does everyone think about her parenting skills? Are they really as...

Thursday 25 May 08:25pm

lil_remy started new topic Tim tam cravings

Here is where I confess.....I've been chowing down at least three tim tams a day for the past week when i should have been going to pilates! its such a guilty pleasure mmmmm...yummo *_*

Thursday 25 May 07:50pm

lil_remy replied to topic Attn: mums with prams at shopping centers

That is a really awful thing to happen to you lili16. Its tough enough juggling a baby amongst other life chores to deal with twits steal yr hard earned cash. I am a frequent shopper at Galleria t...

Thursday 25 May 07:40pm

lil_remy replied to topic Is it normal to shred hair after childbirth?

Yes apparently its normal. I have black hair and everytime i shower it looks like a scene from The Grudge!

Tuesday 09 May 09:58pm

lil_remy replied to topic How have you changed???

Definitely less materialistic and vain:) I used to care about how i looked - what i was wearing, keeping up with fashion trend, buying great cosmetic products etc. Regarding housework I was so damn...

Saturday 06 May 10:50pm

lil_remy started new topic Sagging breasts

Just reminiscing my pre-baby days when i was a perfect 10C (sometimes D)....*sigh* im a saggy 10dd. I feel totally unattractive looking at them. Can anyone recommend a good firming cream o...

Sunday 23 April 10:35pm

lil_remy started new topic WEANING...advice please!

I want to start weaning my boy at six months (or just reduce breastfeeds down to once/twice per day) He is 4 .5 months now. Just wondering how long it takes to do this and what methods has everyon...

Sunday 23 April 09:18pm

lil_remy started new topic rolling over

HI ladies, my lil bub is 4 1/2 months old and he still hasnt rolled over. I've tried "tummy time" put toys around him, talk and encourage and roll him around but he is just not interested. On the r...

Sunday 23 April 08:25pm

lil_remy replied to topic WHAT MAKES U MAD??

Ppl undermining you as a mother.... you dont know what to do, you've never been a mum before etc.. Hmpf well regardless, I say I am the mum here and my instincts are stronger than anyone else's!!

Saturday 22 April 10:54pm

lil_remy replied to topic Baby Suri

Mikayla - I totally thought the same thing! Lol. perhaps we are being a bit judgemental tho....i mean i named my son after a cognac

Saturday 22 April 10:40pm
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