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kdub replied to topic why does my 4.5 monyh old keep bringing up milk ?

If he vomits after every milk feed and after most dairy solids, then it sounds as though he might have a lactose intolerance or a milk protein allergy. It migh be worth trying a lactose free formul...

Saturday 06 May 08:35am

kdub replied to topic Bottle and Breastfeeding

It is fine to try breast mlk. Some mums use a combination on formula and breast, so this is not an issue. The only issue that you may encounter is breast milk supply. If you have not been breast...

Saturday 29 April 09:52pm

kdub replied to topic Feeding requirements of 10-week old

Relax! It sounds like your doing well. I am not yet a mum (only 5 weeks pregnant) but I work with babies every day. You have got to do what works for you. As long as your baby is putting on weig...

Saturday 29 April 09:39pm
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