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goingsolo replied to topic ear peircing??? anyone have an opinion on it???

Here's my honest opinion, which is similar to another post. I don't like it at all. I think it looks awful. My mum made me wait until I was ten before I got mine done, but prior to that I only s...

Monday 26 November 05:50pm

goingsolo replied to topic Hitting

My son never hit himself but used to whack his high chair tray, the coffee table, the couch. It stopped after awhile. But recently he has started hitting me in the face. He thinks its cute. Not ...

Monday 26 November 05:43pm

goingsolo replied to topic Indy??

i like it for a girl, not sure about a boy. Prefer it as a nick name for Indiana, rather than on its own.

Wednesday 11 April 02:42pm

goingsolo replied to topic Its a boy! Which do u like???

I like Matthew and Daniel. Don't like Adrian at all. Anthony reminds me of someone who puts me off the name. And Leo reminds me of a pets name.

Tuesday 10 April 11:24am

goingsolo replied to topic Due Today!!!

Hey Rita. If you want to chat to others due around the same time as you, we have a thread called DUE NOVEMBER 2006 where a bunch of us who are due in november all chat. Although right now we are ...

Tuesday 07 November 08:05am

goingsolo replied to topic Any New Zealanders out there? Need Advice! 7wks pregnant & moving to NZ

I am a kiwi, but have been in Aussie for all off my pregnancy. You are doing the right thing by asking for advice though. NZ don't have anything like Medicare. If you are a low income earner or o...

Saturday 04 November 03:07pm

goingsolo replied to topic georgia / jorja

I really like Jorja spelt that way, but agree that all of a sudden that is becoming the popular way of spelling it. It seems the traditional spelling Georgia is being phased out, and maybe you sho...

Saturday 04 November 01:13pm

goingsolo replied to topic babys name

Okay, now you are scaring me. I have always loved the names Liam and James and probably would have called my son Liam James if two of my family members hadn't already used the same names. So inst...

Saturday 04 November 12:59pm

goingsolo replied to topic i was sick

Bec, try and see the lighter side of it. I am sure your husband is fine about it - given the fact that you are pregnant and your body is doing a lot of strange things at the moment. And after all...

Friday 03 November 01:37pm

goingsolo replied to topic Boys names please..

Here is a list of some of my favourites. I have posted a similar list a number of times to everyone else looking for boys names. Jamie/James, Keagan, Liam, Blake, Aiden, Cameron, Caleb, Joshua, N...

Friday 03 November 10:45am

goingsolo replied to topic Which one should we choose?!

I like Aylah best from your list. I don't like Akiera-lea, but do really like Kiera on its own - or Kiara.

Thursday 02 November 01:40pm

goingsolo replied to topic aby pregnant women in rockhampton

Hi Kylie. I live in Rocky. I moved over here from NZ earlier in the year, but will be going back to NZ in January to raise my baby. I am 29yrs old and this is my first child - due in less than th...

Thursday 02 November 09:37am

goingsolo replied to topic being overdue sucks

Well Bells, I will welcome you to the November club!! I am hoping more than anything to go one week early, or on my due date at the latest. Good luck!!

Thursday 02 November 07:59am

goingsolo replied to topic Why is everyone hurting our Babies???

I agree that it is terrible and I am not excusing what has happened but......... I have heard more than one mother state that they can see how people hurt their babies. These people have either ha...

Wednesday 01 November 09:41am

goingsolo replied to topic DP has decided to change the name

I don't really like Blaize either. I would stick to Maddox.

Wednesday 01 November 08:25am

goingsolo replied to topic lost my baby

I sweetiepie. I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. There is a thread on this site called 'LOST' where you will find a number of others who has also lost babies. You should go the...

Tuesday 31 October 02:50pm

goingsolo replied to topic Please vote! :)

i like Sienna Grace first, closely followed by Ava Lily

Tuesday 31 October 01:58pm

goingsolo started new topic Aussie / NZ sayings

Hi guys. Just thought I would put this post up for something different. I am an NZ'er living in Aus and occassionally struggle with some of the Aus terms. Here are a few. You might want to add o...

Tuesday 31 October 01:46pm

goingsolo replied to topic Dentists and pregnancy

Go now. I chipped my tooth about the same stage as you are at. Because where I live there is such a shortage of Dentists it takes at least 3mths to get an appointment. I didn't have any pain so ...

Tuesday 31 October 01:11pm

goingsolo replied to topic which name do u like!!!

I would prefer Devon from the three. I don't really like either of the other two, but I do know that Xavier has become more popular and a lot of others like it.

Tuesday 31 October 09:07am
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