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ebieashie replied to topic Night Time Wrapping?

Hi Tracey, I am still wrapping my 4 month old in a muslin wrap, and as it gets warmer I just reduce the clothes she sleeps in. I was wrapping my previous girls during summer, with them only wearin...

Friday 13 October 07:24pm

ebieashie replied to topic How do you stop night feeds

Hi Amanda, Unless your child isn't getting enough to eat during the day, there really shouldn't be any reason that she is waking up apart from habit. If my kids woke up during the night at that age...

Sunday 06 August 07:42pm

ebieashie replied to topic Karicare De-Lact vs s26 Lactose Free

Hi, My second child was on s26 LF and was constipated from 6months until she was 1yr. My 3rd child is 9 weeks old and has been on the Karicare De-Lact since she came out of hospital and she has nev...

Saturday 05 August 07:34pm

ebieashie replied to topic Incorporating DS's sleep into school drop off/pick up

Hi Jo, A HCN suggested this to me which has worked really well. Since the time my DD was 1 week old I had been feeding her 3 hourly, starting at 7am, then 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm then demand fee...

Thursday 03 August 07:09pm

ebieashie replied to topic hip displaysia (clicky hips)

Hi, Please forgive my lack of understanding regarding this condition, though after reading this I must ask someone's opinion. When my eldest daughter was born a HCN commented that she may have a cl...

Thursday 03 August 06:43pm

ebieashie replied to topic 13 month old screaming when put to bed at night

Hi Louise, What worked for my kids was to put them to bed as you are doing and telling her to lie in bed and mummy will check on you in 2 minutes, then leave the room. Then wait maybe 20 seconds a...

Sunday 16 July 09:46am

ebieashie started new topic Too early to control cry??

I have three kids so have had to put my newborn into a routine quick smart. I feed her 3 hourly during the day and demand feed her after her 10pm feed. This has been the way from one week old and s...

Saturday 15 July 04:39pm

ebieashie replied to topic Induction Information/Stories/Advice

Hi Joanne, Firstly Good Luck on Tuesday, my only thought is if you were hoping for a birth without any drugs don't be too disappointed if you can't handle the pain. Inductions cause contractions to...

Sunday 21 May 05:23pm

ebieashie started new topic Rasberry Leaf Tea

Hi, Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for this tea to take effect. I started drinking the tea, having 2 cups yesterday and again today, and although I have felt some rumblings and uterine...

Sunday 21 May 10:41am

ebieashie started new topic PND again!!!

As I am approaching the birth of my 3rd child I am very anxious at the probability of suffering pnd again. My first bout of pnd occured with the birth of my 2nd child, she was a difficult baby and ...

Friday 21 April 07:35pm
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