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tarin replied to topic scrapbooking

Hi Karen, I rarely come in here anymore but I am mad on scrapbooking- i am happy to show you some of my stuff and see what you think. Come over for a play and have a look. Tarin

Thursday 11 January 01:27pm

tarin replied to topic my baby has cystic fibrosis

Renee my children do not have cystic fibrosis but I lost a friend with it ten years ago. I wish you lots of happiness with your son and I know medical advances have progressed so much in the last t...

Saturday 10 December 10:20am

tarin replied to topic anyone wanting chat on msn or meetup

HI JAckie, I was one of those who never turned up to mums group and I am so sorry but we had chicken pox running through our house. Sorry it didn't work out Tarin

Saturday 10 December 10:06am

tarin replied to topic Need Help please on games for baby shower..

At my baby shower everyone had to bring a baby photo of themselves. My sister collected them as we arrived so noone saw them and we had to guess who is who. It was alos a great conversation point. ...

Sunday 25 September 08:41am

tarin replied to topic Is it really lactose intolerance?

It might not be lactose intolerance but a dairy allergy. I'd ask for a referral to an allergist.

Saturday 24 September 11:07am

tarin replied to topic Nappy changing at night

I never changed my boys nappies unless they are soiled during the night. Try it for a week and see what happens. My boys never had a problem with nappy rash.

Sunday 18 September 12:58pm

tarin started new topic Noah Ark cake

My son Noah will be one soon and I want to make him A Noahs Ark cake. If anyone has a picture and instructions that would be great. Getting the cake made is not an option due to my older sons aller...

Friday 02 September 09:30am

tarin replied to topic 1st Fathers Day gift ideas???

A very simple easy thing to do is your childs handprints in a frame. It is a simple way to remember how small they once were.

Wednesday 31 August 09:03am

tarin replied to topic i am so peeved!!!

I would be peeved too. Tell him two presents or none. The baby wouldn't of noticed if it was the other way but a four year old does notice. I have a nana like that though. Has a favourite grandchil...

Friday 26 August 09:23am

tarin replied to topic Egg allergy

Chrissy, I would go and see an allergist, get your doctor to refer. My son had problems sleeping, bad excema and was irritable. After allergy testing we removed the 'bad' foods and he is a much bet...

Wednesday 17 August 05:38pm

tarin replied to topic Gift suggestion - First Holy Communion

As you are not Catholic so might not understand some things in the christian shop why do't you buy her a journal or a scrapbooking albumn for her to make a momento of the day. She could get all her...

Wednesday 17 August 05:15pm

tarin replied to topic Heart murmurs in kids

When my now nine month old son was born they picked up a murmur when he was an hour old. He spent the first week of his life in Special care although there appeared to be nothing wrong. We went to ...

Tuesday 16 August 06:36pm

tarin replied to topic Taking one side only ...

I had this problem with my nine month old. I only ever offered one boob per feed but all of a sudden him was rejecting the right boob, after a week I couldn't express more than a few drops so I dec...

Saturday 13 August 07:14am

tarin replied to topic Any mums in the eastern subs?

Hi Mel I am i Berwick. I have two boys, 3 and 9 months Tarin

Monday 08 August 04:21pm

tarin replied to topic birthday party suggestions/help

If you have it at night many friends willnot want to bring their kids especially if they are little, otherwise tell people this is really a adult only event, or invite the kids but have it for afte...

Saturday 06 August 07:39am

tarin replied to topic Gift ideas for a second time mum?

A great gift I got with my second child was baskets of nappies and toiletries. You always need wipes and it is a great way to help their family budget. Also second children seen to miss out on the ...

Tuesday 02 August 04:36pm

tarin started new topic Allergies

My three year old has a life threatening allergy to nuts as well as a severe allergy to fish. Is there any other mums out there whose kids have allergies and how do you deal with it??

Sunday 24 July 11:15am

tarin replied to topic TRAIN SETS - WOOD OR PLASTIC?

We Brought our son wooden for his first birthday and each birthday and Christmas we have added to it. He turned 3 last week. I find the wooden set still looks as good as the day it was brought. It ...

Thursday 21 July 04:45pm

tarin replied to topic Baby monitors

We had exactly the same problem. i was out hanging the washing out when I rushed in to my then 6 day old baby- fast asleep. I was picking up the baby across the street. Switched channels got the ba...

Wednesday 29 June 09:31am

tarin replied to topic Toddler 20 months - has excema which is food related

My son 35 months- also suffers from food related excema. We were referred to a allergy paediatrian were he was skin tested to discover his allergies. My son has many allergies ranging from life thr...

Tuesday 28 June 04:29pm
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