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VLL replied to topic Wanting my old life back...

Hi There I think somethimes we all need a hand and seeing the social worker is a starting point. By seeing first hand you with your little one she may have a better understanding of what you are g...

Tuesday 30 May 07:27am

VLL started new topic Food in Bottle

Hi Was wondering if anyone has tried putting food in their babies bottle before they go to bed???? My daughter is 4 months old and wakes for a feed 2 - 3 times a night, I was going to try this yet...

Thursday 25 May 03:15pm

VLL started new topic Rattly Breathing

Hi Since my little one was born she has a rattly breath its not all the time only sometimes more so when she is sitting. I took her to GP (actually 2) who said it wasnt a cold and only some mucus ...

Tuesday 16 May 09:05am

VLL replied to topic Post Natal Depression is a chemical imbalance.

Hi Jody Was so glad to have joined the huggies website today and start reading everyones conversations. You soon realise that if they put all of us mums together that need some help there would be...

Thursday 27 April 03:05pm

VLL started new topic Sleep Patterns

My little 12 week old was having bath bottle and bed at 10pm then sleeping until 3am then not up again until 7 - 8 am....Now she has reverted back to her 3 hour feeds around the clock. What has mad...

Thursday 27 April 12:11pm

VLL started new topic Zoloft

Hi I have been taking St Johns Wart for depression yet seems to not be helping to much when needed. I have just been given a script for Zoloft & am scared of getting it filled. I dont seem to be ...

Thursday 27 April 11:45am
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