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shenna replied to topic Screams at sleep time

Maybe she's just starting to realize that you are going to leave her and that its just a way to try and make you stay a bit longer. Is her room really dark, maybe a night light will help her settle...

Wednesday 25 October 09:56am

shenna replied to topic Nappies on special?`

Hi, I actually live 100km out of town so I usually miss out on the specials. But I was pretty annoyed when I did go into Coles and there were no girls crawlers anywhere to be found, so I asked at ...

Monday 09 October 12:27pm

shenna started new topic Anyone want to chat

Hi was just wondering if there were any mums out there that want to email me and have a chat. My DD is 10.5 months old and we live 100km out of Albany in WA, so only go into town once a week. My em...

Monday 09 October 11:47am

shenna replied to topic Morning sleep for a 10 month old - how long?

Hi Juliet, my DD is just over 10months old and her daily naps change depending on what time she wakes in the morning. But she is now usually only having 1 big nap just after lunch for a couple of h...

Monday 09 October 11:20am

shenna replied to topic smothering herself- rolling in sleeping bag

Hi Nat, my DS is now nearly 11months old and is still in her sleeping bag. Ive used it from when she was about 6 months old, she was in a snuggle bed before that, and Ive always used a sheet or eve...

Monday 09 October 10:52am

shenna replied to topic dummy dilemma

a tip from the 'baby whisperer' book is to actually take the dummy out after they are asleep. It is suppose to encourage them to start their own suckling reflex and soothe themselves to sleep... Mo...

Tuesday 03 October 02:55pm

shenna replied to topic How do i drop a night feed

How are you going? Maybe he's teething early... Molly will often wake up in the middle of the night when she is teething and sometimes a feed is the only thing that will settle her... It will ...

Tuesday 03 October 02:48pm

shenna replied to topic How many bottles

Hi Amber, Molly is 10months old and is having 3 meals and also morning and arvo snacks. She is down to 3 bottles a day at about 210mls each but she sometimes wont have it all... they recommend tha...

Monday 25 September 11:47am

shenna replied to topic Getting rid of dummy, how do i help settle? hes 10weeks old

I have a book thats called the 'baby whisperer' and it recommends that you actaully remove the dummy just after they fall asleep. It works on the theory that they will hopefully still do the suckli...

Monday 25 September 11:24am

shenna replied to topic samples etc list here

Hi, was just wondering if anyone could please send me the list. This sounds great and I had no idea otherwise I wouldve done it months ago. thanks

Friday 22 September 02:11pm

shenna replied to topic Does Dad get involved in Baby bath time?

My husband is also the only one that baths Molly... He's just always done it from when she was born and I think that he really loves the quality time with her... She's really use to him being ther...

Friday 22 September 01:27pm

shenna replied to topic Recipes

there are a couple of websites that you can look on, and Im hopefully getting some recipes emailed to me from another mum so will let you know when I get them and I cou...

Friday 22 September 10:09am

shenna replied to topic I need recipes bad

Hi sorry to be pain was wondering if you could email me the recipes as well... ta Molly is a really good eater but its nice to get new ideas, Ive tried all things from couscous, sago, and then left...

Friday 22 September 10:02am

shenna replied to topic ezcema need a remedy does anyone have one that works

Molly only had infants ezcema which lasted about 4 months, but I still lather her up with the QV cream every night after her bath and it really gets rid of any dry spots and makes her skin soft... ...

Friday 22 September 09:40am

shenna started new topic Baby Signing

I have just started signing with Molly who is 10months old and was just wondering if anyone else is giving it a go and what they think. There are a couple of sites that you can have a look on and t...

Friday 22 September 09:08am

shenna replied to topic baby sleeps

I think that once you start a habit with your bub its hard to get out of it, especially a comfort one. The only time Ive let Molly fall asleep in my arms is if she wakes up really upset (teething)...

Friday 22 September 08:56am

shenna replied to topic Baby Wakes at 4am!!!

Does your baby go back to sleep after the 4am feed? Molly woke up for an early morning feed till she was about 6mths old and now she sleeps through to 7 usually. But there are always things that di...

Friday 15 September 12:13pm

shenna replied to topic What age is the best to start swimming lessons???

Hi, Im actually an infants swimming teacher in WA and we are unable to start teaching babies until they have had their 6 month needles. This is just a safety guard against any infections and bacter...

Friday 15 September 11:44am
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