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Bec86 replied to topic 3 year old with a stutter

Thanks allison* and NightMonkey_DayMonkey Her sleep habits/tiredness sont seem to make any difference to how much or little she stutters, unfortunatley. She doesnt seem to realise she is doing i...

Sunday 15 January 09:54am

Bec86 replied to topic Boys name trouble

My cousins are Benjamin (Ben) John, Aaron John & Jarrod John

Sunday 15 January 09:34am

Bec86 replied to topic Due tomorrow, still not sure on a name!!

My little sister is Taryn Paige with a P surname.

Sunday 15 January 09:24am

Bec86 replied to topic pretty girls names

I am biased, but I love Erin Other than that, Taryn Paige Skye

Sunday 15 January 09:14am

Bec86 replied to topic Help please - Booster seats for my nearly 3yr old

We have a Safe n Sound Maxi Rider and a Cargo Marathon (Big W branded seat made by Britax - same as SnS) Shop around because a lot of the convertible boosters are VERY wide seats. We only have two...

Sunday 15 January 08:21am

Bec86 replied to topic What toes does your three year old girl play with

A bit late for christmas, but my DD (3) loves horses, so she has been playing with My Little Pony things and anything horse related lately. She loves Barbie and has several Barbies which she play...

Sunday 15 January 08:10am

Bec86 replied to topic Padded booster seats

Not sure which ones are overly padded, I've found them to all be much of a muchness as far as padding goes. DS (5yrs, 3months) has been in a Safe n Sound HiLiner SG for a bit over a year now, and ...

Sunday 15 January 08:05am

Bec86 replied to topic Quick q -Can I give a 9 month old eggs??

I'd say go for it. Scrambled eggs are well cooked and if he hasn't already shown allergy to egg products (which are in virtually all baked things etc) he should be fine. Just watch for any reaction...

Sunday 15 January 07:46am

Bec86 replied to topic Girly short names for a mn

My middle name is Skye My DD's middle name is Leigh And my sister's middle names are Rae & Paige

Sunday 15 January 07:43am

Bec86 started new topic 3 year old with a stutter

Hi everyone, I've been a member for yonks, but havent been around for ages, but I need some help and I figured you ladies would be a great place to ask. My DD (3yrs, 4months) has a stutter. Her sp...

Sunday 15 January 07:39am

Bec86 replied to topic Age gap between your kids

A bit worried about the huge gap there, so am considering having another after this one just to even them out a bit! I have 23mths between my 2. Shell_Lee - I am the oldest of 4. Number 2 is a...

Sunday 06 February 09:20am

Bec86 replied to topic Help with baby name ideas

Not sure if they're the right style of name you are after, but I have a Benjamin (Ben) Daniel and an Erin Leigh. I know there were a few Ben's in my age group but I haven't come across any other B...

Sunday 06 February 08:37am

Bec86 replied to topic look at what I made

Wow!! Brilliant job I think my little miss who is a bit obsessed by 'orsies' at the moment would love a cake like this for her birthday wow they are great! i just need a girl to make one for lo...

Sunday 06 February 07:11am

Bec86 replied to topic Do dads spoil there kids

I dont see a major problem with that. Yes they are getting spoilt, but as long as you are in a position to be able to do that for them and that they are being instilled with good values and appre...

Sunday 06 February 12:49am

Bec86 replied to topic Formula mixing...

From what I have heard, GOLD formulas, especially S26 are notorious for constipating babies. As the CHN has suggested adding a little extra water, and she seems to be happy drinking 80mls, I would...

Saturday 05 February 09:48pm

Bec86 replied to topic What to do on a rainy day?

On our 3rd day of moderate to heavy rain I took the kids down to the fire station to help sandbag our local village. So they waltzed around the station all day, playing in the mud etc. I know that ...

Friday 03 December 10:39pm

Bec86 replied to topic Kids!!!

DS done the same thing and while it was funny to start, it quickly drove us insane. So we took his light globe out...problem solved the light doesn't turn on. We then put a normal style lamp (with...

Friday 03 December 10:24am

Bec86 replied to topic Tongue Tie

DD is tongue tied, and I successfully breastfed her until she was about 14wks. I weaned her onto formula then as it had become a fight to feed her, not that she couldn't do it, she just didn't want...

Friday 03 December 10:16am

Bec86 replied to topic No wonder he is a little Buddha lol

DS is an eating machine at the moment!!!! He is eating almost every two and half hours (180mls) and sometimes shorter sometimes longer....and we are powering through nappies as well because he is ...

Friday 03 December 08:29am

Bec86 replied to topic What do you call your baby in the womb????

DS was Agathothal. My little sister (5 at the time) kept bugging us for names and we hadn't decided yet, so we just told her a random horrible name and it kind of stuck It is now our ebay username...

Friday 03 December 08:26am
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