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NM4D82 replied to topic Is there anything more painfull than childbirth??

Yes it is painful, I stop dialating so I need to be given drugs to move things along and found that the most painful part I had Epi's for all mine about half hour after being given the inducing dru...

Monday 15 February 05:10pm

NM4D82 started new topic IUD SIDE EFFECTS???

Hi Everyone Just wanted to know if anyone has a Mirena IUD and what side effects if any that they have/had. I have it put in Oct 09 I am having some side effects such as my period coming every 3 w...

Monday 15 February 04:27pm

NM4D82 started new topic too busy to notice

I have a 2 1/2 year old who is just too busy to go to the potty or the toilet we have been using pull ups and just knickers but does not seem to care when she wets them. We are wanting to put her i...

Tuesday 21 October 12:16pm

NM4D82 started new topic Baby Breech Position

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has experienced the turning manually by a doctor of a breech baby I am about 30 weeks and the doctor said that we may have to try turning the baby around if it ...

Tuesday 22 January 03:06pm

NM4D82 replied to topic BABY NAMES HELP!!!

My Daughter is Mikayla Grace. I had no choice in her first name hubby had it picked out years ago. Made a deal that the next childs name I would have the choice, as we argued about it for a while T...

Monday 17 December 09:04pm

NM4D82 replied to topic Big help required

My hubby had his name for girl picked out before we were even married and it reminded me of a girl I once knew who unfortunately I did not like very much (Mikayla) and the Boys name we agreed on (B...

Monday 17 December 08:58pm

NM4D82 replied to topic C-section vs natural delivery

Hi there, just a question what does your ob say? Is the Ob giving you a choice? Or would the ob prefer you to have C-sec?, my sil was in the same position as you, ended up having to have a Csec at ...

Monday 17 December 08:50pm

NM4D82 replied to topic Is your partner going to be in delivery room with you?

My hubby thought he would be a little freaked out at what you are calling all the gross stuff, but they are so distracted by looking at the wonderful creation that you have just given birth to they...

Sunday 16 December 08:25pm

NM4D82 replied to topic How much weight did u put on?

With my first pregnancy I put on about 20kg, I was underweight when I fell only 54kg. This time I have started at 62kg and I have at last weigh in 3 weeks ago only put on 3kg. I am now about 25 wee...

Sunday 16 December 08:20pm

NM4D82 started new topic GOING TO BALI WITH 21 MTH OLD ??MILK??

Hi there, I am travelling to Bali in 3 weeks I have a fussy toddler who loves her cows milk, I have been trying to the toddler formula on her to no avail. Has anyone been and found cows milk in bal...

Thursday 13 December 12:28pm
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