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rnevo started new topic head banging & moaning

Hi, My 21 month old girl head bangs and moans nearly every night, it can go on for 4 hours some nights and is really loud and disruptive to the rest of the family(and her).It has been going on for ...

Friday 12 May 08:23am

rnevo replied to topic Green Poo???

Hi Shar, The same thing is happening to my 11 week old. we swapped him from Karicare to Nan HA and he has had horrible dark green,stinky poo too. I spoke to th.e MHCN and she said not to worry as l...

Friday 12 May 08:12am

rnevo replied to topic ??nightmares???

hi,we have a 19 month old girl who has done this to us on numerous occassions. We have no idea what causes it but have found that picking her up to calm her down is a bad thing( i got a fat lip). W...

Monday 01 May 04:45pm

rnevo replied to topic Karicare HA OR HA-AR??

Hi Danielle Our 9 week old has been spewing up his bottles too.I tried the AR Karicare but he had difficulty getting it out through thr teat(even with a faster flow) and it seemedto bind him up. I...

Sunday 30 April 04:38pm
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