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mummy2sam replied to topic Any Tips for teaching a baby to resettle themselves at night??

Hi there! Hang in there. I was having the same concern at around 5/6 months. My little one is now 7 months and can find it and put it back in himself! I just put an extra dummy in the cot ...if ha ...

Thursday 23 November 03:32pm

mummy2sam started new topic Wont open mouth for food

Hi. I have a six and a half month old and we have been trying solids for a couple of weeks. We tried at 5 months but he wasnt very interested. He just does not want to open his mouth for the spoon....

Wednesday 01 November 06:40am

mummy2sam replied to topic How many weightwatcher points whilst breastfeeding?

Hi Sam, I recently got an online subscription. The information on breasfeeding says that if you are exclusively breastfeeding and your baby is up to 6 months old, you have to have 32 points a day (...

Friday 13 October 11:48am

mummy2sam started new topic bites? allergy?

My 5 and a half month old has been coming out in bites (big red bites with white welts in the middle of them). They stay for a while, then spread then go down again. This has been happening on and ...

Thursday 28 September 06:07pm

mummy2sam replied to topic SLEEPING BAG OR TO KEEP WRAPPING

Hi Wendy, I stopped wrapping bubs when we got home from hospital as he would always wriggle out of my wrap! But I sarted again a couple of weeks lter as it seemed to be helping settle during the d...

Wednesday 21 June 10:37am

mummy2sam started new topic No Routine??

Hi all, I have 8 week old bub. Does anybody else not really have a routine? and just goes with the flow each day and night? I havent really tried to establish one yet. Curious to know if anyone e...

Sunday 11 June 11:42am
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