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lisanation replied to topic Being Induced

i think there are a few ways but generally they insert gel to dialate your cervix, then they may break your waters and then put you on a drip, i was induced, but on the day i was booked in for the ...

Friday 21 September 01:36pm

lisanation replied to topic November Girls

hi my name is lisa i have a little girl emily who turns two on the 15th of november and im pregnant with my second, another little girl who is due on the 12th november and my birthday is on the 8th...

Friday 21 September 01:26pm

lisanation started new topic is natural labour possible

hi alex im currently 33 weeks pregnant with my second child, during an ultrasound they found a 6.2 x 5.7cm cyst on my right ovary, it has since moved and is now lying above my cervix, also at my la...

Friday 21 September 01:00pm

lisanation replied to topic when to stop

hello, i have just posted a thread asking the same thing, i have heard that you can stop at 6 months, but then i heard elsewhere that its 12, so im not sure i think it is ok as long as you do keep ...

Sunday 30 April 10:09am

lisanation started new topic sterilizing

just wondering if any one knows what age you top sterilizing bottles at,i have heard a few different things and im a bit unsure.thanks

Sunday 30 April 10:01am
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