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JyD replied to topic Help plz

Babies can turn at any time. When I was due for our second baby I had a scan and she was breech. Our OB explained all the complications of trying to turn the baby and said that it was too late in t...

Tuesday 11 November 04:10pm

JyD replied to topic how long does the numbness in the lower half of ur body last after the c section?

Ditto to everything twinforus said. Numbness wears off whilst you are in recovery and can take about an hour. I'm off for my 3rd and last c-sec tomorrow!!!! Can't wait to meet our new baby.

Tuesday 11 November 03:38pm

JyD replied to topic Just letting you know..

Been wondering how long it was going to be before we heard from you again..... Congratulations on your son, hope everything went well for you & you are both settling in at home. xxxxxx

Saturday 08 November 03:33pm

JyD replied to topic Elective c/s

I have had 2 c-sec & I found the recovery period for the second one easier than the first because I knew what I was in for second time round. I unfortunately got infections with both, the second wo...

Monday 03 November 07:34pm

JyD replied to topic **Jazz**

I hope everything is going well for them, I to am waiting patiently.........................

Sunday 02 November 11:37am

JyD replied to topic immunisations

It is a government incentive for people to get their children immunised. It will be in your account about 2-3 weeks after your child has had their 18mth needles. You don't need to do anything & it ...

Saturday 01 November 02:38pm

JyD replied to topic Arrggghhh don't you hate it...

I hear ya!! Mine always has the excuse it'll be the wrong thing anyway. I too spend any spare $ on the kids or him. It would be nice to be surprised once in a while without having to go and get my ...

Friday 31 October 09:15pm

JyD replied to topic How many????

Charnai - almost 11 Taya - 3.5 Dion - 23mths #4 Due 11/11/08 - sex unknown!!!! Then thats all for us!!!!!!!!!

Friday 31 October 09:10pm

JyD replied to topic 4 Month immunisation??

It is normal, it never happened to my 2 DD's but it has happened to my DS at either his 4 or 6mth immunisation and it only happened the once and he had his lumps(each leg) for over a week. The next...

Friday 31 October 12:15pm

JyD replied to topic controversial topic bali bombers

I agree with you all, these bastards don't deserve any more attention and good ridance. We don't need pr*cks like this breathing the same air as us..... I even heard that after they get shot it ta...

Friday 31 October 12:08pm

JyD replied to topic Weaning off Bottle

Had all my kids off the bottle at 12mths & on to cow's milk about 10mths. Sippy cups are the go, the best one's are the one's that don't spill. My little man still loves tipping liquid everywhere...

Thursday 30 October 01:22pm

JyD replied to topic Pasta Salad

I use mayo & tomato sauce (not too much), my mob love it

Thursday 30 October 11:47am

JyD replied to topic duramine....has any1 tried and whats ur opnion?

I tried duramine years ago, and no I wouldn't recommend it. Couldn't sleep, chain smoked, heart palpatations, thoughts were all over the place. It is a synthetic form of speed. I have also seen als...

Thursday 30 October 08:33am

JyD replied to topic Do you think young siblings are physic?

My 3 year old has been telling us that this baby is a boy & she's having a girl!!!! However, my niece who is also 3 says its a girl. We shall find out in 2 wks time!!!! Oh - Congratulations too by...

Wednesday 29 October 12:05pm

JyD replied to topic 4 sick kids, a sick DH and I feel like crap

Hope you all get well soon, might be a good time for everyone to have a big sleep at the same time!!!! (lol, not possible with littlies is it) xx

Wednesday 29 October 07:59am

JyD replied to topic government xmas bonus

I just had another look on the web and this one might be a bit more helpful for families (not pensioners)

Wednesday 29 October 07:44am

JyD replied to topic government xmas bonus

Go to and click on "whats new" (left handside) then under the sub heading "added 16 October 2008" and you will find out all the info you need.

Wednesday 29 October 07:34am

JyD replied to topic URGENT HELP NEEDED

Please let us know how they go. xx

Tuesday 28 October 09:24pm

JyD replied to topic Christmas tree!!

1st December in our family and take it down 12 days after christmas.

Tuesday 28 October 09:21pm

JyD replied to topic URGENT HELP NEEDED

Your friend needs to get the bub to a gp asap and get a scan done to see if there are any blockages. In the meantime: 1. She could try coloxal(spelling?) drops but only half the dosage, to help ...

Tuesday 28 October 09:10pm
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